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bloggedblogged Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
edited August 2005 in Stanford University
see i hav a thing bout stanford...there are ppl here tellin me its almost impossible to get in bla bla and i know thts the best way to look at it and not get my hopes up

but from where i live and its in the middle east dubai UAE, many ppl get admitted into stanford wit decent test scores of 1400-1450 and that even after takin the test at least 2 if not 3 times..

And even in this forum there are some ppl sayin that yea 1380 is good enuff bla bla and then others sayin a much higher score is needed.

well so what exactly is a good score?
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Replies to: confused

  • entropicgirlentropicgirl Registered User Posts: 450 Member
    The thing is that scores don't completely define your chances. You've gotta have a decent score to be considered, obviously, but no SAT score is going to get you *into* college. It's the rest of your application that determines that -- rigor of courseload (and grades), extracurricular activities, essays.
  • rskibumrskibum Registered User Posts: 163 Junior Member
    I agree; the SAT's scores and your GPA are only "qualifying" criteria that allow you to meet the minimum criteria to apply and compete against all the other 2300+ SAT's and 4.0 GPA's that are applying.
    Keep in mind; EVERY APPLICANT that applies to Stanford or any of the other ELITE colleges is motivated, smart and has High SAT's and GPA's. EVERY ONE OF THEM!!

    It's not the scores that get you accepted, it's everything else.
    What else do you have to offer?

    Also, I'd advise you to lose the slang and "bla bla" if you're serious about getting into a top college. It brings up maturity issues.
    It may be cute when you're chatting with friends, but it will not help you get accepted into a college.
    My grandmother uses "thing" when she can't think of a word to describe a noun, but she's 80 years old and has early Alzheimers.
    You use "bla bla"......and you're 17 or 18......?
    "Bla Bla" is used as a "wild card" that replaces intelligent articulation.

    I would be very surprised if admissions "bla bla" from some of the "Bling Bling" colleges who monitor this site would send you a application to their college.
    Speak out! Let them know who you are!!

    Good Luck!

    Rick B
    Send me a private email, if I can help.
  • urkiddingurkidding Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    take a look at U of Chicago. It is the best school in US.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Registered User Posts: 804 Member
    If this is baba, I think you were better off when you argued that Penn is the best school. Chicago is one of those schools that's stellar in one department (econ) and mediocre in others. Hopkins is also like that (BME) as well as Carnegie Mellon (comp sci).
  • bloggedblogged Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
    btw foreverzero carnegie mellon is a top skool which only accepts the best of students
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Registered User Posts: 804 Member
    ^ It depends on your definition of "top". It is certainly a reputable institution, but it cannot be compared to Stanford in any field except for comp sci. HYPSM are in a league of their own. CMU is one or two tiers down.
  • staticsoliloquystaticsoliloquy Registered User Posts: 1,496 Senior Member
    if carnegie mellon is a top "skool" which only acepts the best of students, what type of students gets into HYPSM? What's another word for better than best?
  • bloggedblogged Registered User Posts: 164 Junior Member
    i guess i dono. u cnt relly compare. harvard's great so are the ivy leagues so is stanford etc. but i mean i know im gona face a brick wall here, but i still feel there are some very very smart kids in other skools too. you hav to look outside this narrow range sometimes too. we had a kid from here who had near perfect scores in every test and went to carnegie. so its impossible to say relly.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Registered User Posts: 804 Member
    I didn't mean to sound elitist; it just seemed that you were implying that CMU gets better students than HYPSM. Like I said before, it's certainly a reputable school, especially in comp sci, where it's one of the best. You're right in that we should look outside the Ivies+MIT+Stanford and not be so nitpicky about what are the "top" schools. CMU is definitely a healthy alternative to those schools.
  • urkiddingurkidding Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    CMU is a fine school with great academics. It tougher than any IVY except Cornell as well as Stanford. So be prepared for some hard work if you decide CMU.
  • DRabDRab Registered User Posts: 6,104 Senior Member
    ForeverZero, which of chicago's departments do you feel are mediocre?
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Registered User Posts: 804 Member
    The sciences and engineering, for one thing. And by mediocre, I meant in comparison to HYPS, which are consistently at the top in every field.
  • urkiddingurkidding Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    For Kids in MidWest, Chicago is number one. Like Stanford has 50% kids from Pacific Coast, Harvard Has 45% from North east, Chicago has about 40% from MiD West. So all these are regional school. I have ask these folks who got in, in which IVY and then they are going to Stanford. How many Harvard admit here figting for Stanford for 2005?
  • DRabDRab Registered User Posts: 6,104 Senior Member
    I don't agree with much urkidding says, but foreverzero, your chicago bashing is also uncalled for. Harvard, Yale and Princeton have little clout in the engineering field, as does chicago, and as to yale, perhaps you can back me up on some other thread where i defended yale's sciences, but i've heard about the quality of chicago's chemistry at least. Are you comparing graduate departments?

    I think that "mediocre" is pushing it when you compare certain things about chicago and the top three ivies/stanford.
  • ForeverZeroForeverZero Registered User Posts: 804 Member
    Hmm, perhaps I should have used a more neutral term. I wasn't trying to bash Chicago. Quite the opposite. Someone else (cough...urkidding...cough) was elevating Chicago to, let's say, an unusually high status. I highly doubt that Chicago's sciences are better than MIT and Stanford. I highly doubt that its humanities are better than Harvard's. Btw, I was using HYPS collectively, not individually, to compare to Chicago (so Harvard's weak sciences are irrelevant). I was simply to responding to a certain someone's ludicrous statement that Chicago is the best in everything. It's not (except maybe for econ). Compared to those that truly are the best (MIT/Stanford in science and HYP in humanities), it's a little pale. That doesn't mean it's weak. Not at all. It's just that urkidding picked some tough competition to compare to it.
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