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What is Penn State Erie, The Behrend College like?

Ethanoo827Ethanoo827 0 replies3 threads New Member
I’m a high school Junior who’s interested in double majoring in Creative Writing and Communications. I’ve taken 2 APs (Stats, Psych) and scored a five on both, and have a 1350 SAT. I’m involved in my school’s debate club, wrestling, and Writer’s Anonymous. The only problem is my UW GPA is pretty low (~2.79), which is a bit disheartening but nothing I’ll lose sleep over. (Plus I still have some time to raise it a bit.)

When I was discussing colleges with my counselor today, he recommended I apply to Behrend because of its high acceptance rate (which frankly I don’t feel is pretty good indicator of my chances) and its Creative Writing program. Can anyone give me a bit of clarity? What is the campus like?
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Replies to: What is Penn State Erie, The Behrend College like?

  • father05father05 224 replies46 threads Junior Member
    The campus is decent and Erie is a nice town if you are OK with snow. I haven't been on campus in a few years but I have an intern who is going there for a business/engineering interdisciplinary degree. She really likes it. We spend a weekend in Erie every summer and you could wind up in a lot worse place. No football, but it is the second biggest PSU campus and your diploma says The Pennsylvania State University on it. They do have student buses going to University Park for football games, at least they did when older DD was being recruited for track there.
    I doubt you'll have trouble getting in with a 1350.
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  • cptofthehousecptofthehouse 30224 replies59 threads Senior Member
    I know a number of students who went there. I think there is a program where one can automatically transfer to another Penn State campus, even Main Camous after two years. Some fix, some didn’t. Some have even transferred from Univetsity Park to Behrend to get into programs like PT that are very difficult admits at Main Campus.
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  • SophleySophley 467 replies2 threads Member
    Beautiful big campus that has the feel of a regular university due to the number of students. Excellent choice for a 2+2 program provided you can handle snow. I don’t know anything about their creative writing program but I know they are highly respected for business and engineering.
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  • MYOS1634MYOS1634 43072 replies469 threads Senior Member
    How come you have AP5s but a B- GPA? It doesn't track... nor the 1350! What's your weighted GPA? Are you taking other APs?
    What classes have you taken for English, History, Foreign Language, and Social Science?
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  • jlhpsujlhpsu Forum Champion Penn State 1970 replies38 threads Forum Champion
    We did the Behrend tour today so I thought I'd chime in. My daughter is a junior and thus far has the stats to go to UP (3.8 GPA, etc) but she doesn't want the 'big' school environment that her two siblings have had at UP. BUT, she loves Penn State and she loves the 'big school' amenities and resources that come with the Penn State name.

    I have not really done much other than drive through Behrend before and I came away SO SO impressed with Behrend. It's a beautiful campus and the resources in the business and engineering departments rival those of UP. The campus is also the second largest Penn State campus after UP. The major my daughter is interested in isn't even offered at UP (Interdisciplinary Business with Engineering), so if she chooses it, she will be at Behrend all 4 years and honestly, I think that will be great. She loves to ski and the ski club goes to Holiday Valley in New York every weekend so that was a great selling point also :) They have a brand new dorm and about 10 other dorm or apartment buildings on campus - both regular traditional style and also the suite style.
    I wouldn't hesitate to go to Behrend...but I don't know the specifics regarding the majors you are interested in.
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