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Join us for a LIVE webinar Friday, April 3 at 3pm ET to hear from admission officers on how COVID-19 is impacting admissions at schools. Due to very high demand we will be streaming the event on our Facebook page. Let us know what questions you have and want answered.
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"How COVID-19 is Impacting College Admissions" - Webinar on Apr. 3

CCadmin_SorinCCadmin_Sorin 2644 replies247 threads Community Manager
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College Confidential has a unique opportunity to connect students directly with college admission professionals to share timely, reliable information that can be used when making critical decisions related to higher education. With the recent sweeping changes due to the coronavirus, students are uncertain about the impact to admission decisions this year and potentially in future years.

To assist students and their families as they navigate these changes amid uncertainty, College Confidential is hosting a panel discussion via webinar where you can hear from college admissions professionals on how they see COVID-19 impacting such factors as:
- admission decisions;
- admission calendar and timelines;
- financial aid needs/awards; and
- how the switch to eLearning/online testing will impact student evaluation and admission decisions.

You can ask questions for the webinar by replying in this thread.

UPDATE: We have reached capacity for our webinar and as a result we will be Live Streaming it on Facebook. Please follow our Facebook page and log in at 3pm to join the webinar.
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Replies to: "How COVID-19 is Impacting College Admissions" - Webinar on Apr. 3

  • yyu2002yyu2002 10 replies0 threads New Member
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  • chautrinhchautrinh 18 replies3 threads Junior Member
    How will COVID-19 impact transfer students and their transferable credits?
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  • IBatCUIBatCU 24 replies14 threads Junior Member
    How will covid 19 impact international waitlisted students?
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  • NoVaRatNoVaRat 97 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Will schools be less likely to revoke acceptances from students whose last semester/quarter grades were negatively impacted? What about if the student ended up not receiving a diploma because of the impact of the last semester/quarter grades?
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  • thestranger4567thestranger4567 2 replies2 threads New Member
    With international, national, and frankly, most activities canceled will colleges be more lenient on the extracurricular activities? As most activities are done in junior year, a lot of opportunities for increasing participation in activities are lost.
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  • Snowplow2024Snowplow2024 2 replies0 threads New Member
    edited March 26
    For rising freshman, if classes wind up being held online in the fall, it would be better for me to defer for a year. Will this be a possibility and until what date?
    edited March 26
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  • beecharmerbeecharmer 2 replies0 threads New Member
    College is expensive, and certain majors do not translate as well across an online platform, such as performing arts. Essentially, students in those majors are paying a very high price for a lesser style of education under COVID-19 restrictions. Is there any talk of reimbursement, refunds, reduced prices, increased financial aid? As the parent of a performing arts major who has been accepted into some very expensive schools with minimal financial aid (possibly as a result of COVID-19), I am extremely hesitant to make a financial commitment to any college at this time. I would first like to know how high-priced performance programs plan to compensate for lower-quality cyber lessons and missed live performance opportunities should COVID-19 restrictions continue.
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  • MamaNamasteMamaNamaste 7 replies1 threads New Member
    I want to second all of the questions about whether colleges will be business as usual in the fall - or will we all be stuck in distance learning for the next year. And if so, should we just defer a year?
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  • KonohakatuKonohakatu 46 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Since this affected AP curriculums, will the content needed to know for SAT Subject Tests be cut down?
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  • NoVaRatNoVaRat 97 replies1 threads Junior Member
    Will students still receive college credit for AP exams taken this year?
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  • bbobsteinbbobstein 2 replies0 threads New Member

    Coming into this year I was planning on taking a GAP year preferably after I got into my dream school. Unfortunately, I was waitlisted and was wondering if next year will end up being ultra-competitive because of the possibility of a lot of students taking GAP years and then re-applying.
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  • Buffalo208Buffalo208 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Adding to questions about campuses potentially not opening this fall, what options are colleges considering for incoming freshman? My daughter is on a gap year, starting at Tufts this fall. Is it reasonable to expect freshmen to begin college online, away from meeting students and becoming familiar with their schools and campuses? Will colleges be proactive in addressing what flexibility and options to offer incoming freshmen, such as postponing start of college to 2nd semester? Thank you!
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  • TwelfthmanTwelfthman 170 replies43 threads Junior Member
    What will universities do differently during the 2020-2021 applicant selection process (compared to recent prior years) and in what ways should the expectations and planning process of high school seniors be different as they prepare their applications?

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  • Pink20Pink20 1 replies0 threads New Member
    How will the coronavirus affect students who have applied to transfer to other universities?
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  • pickleberry7pickleberry7 42 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Have endowments gone down due to the downturn in the stock market? How will this impact financial aid availability, especially for merit aid for students applying in fall of 2020?
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  • australianboaaustralianboa 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Will admissions be more competitive for 2021 high school graduates, as many 2020 international high school graduates might opt to do a gap year?
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