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Global Leadership Adventures? Cross Cultural Solutions?

mamasuemamasue 1 replies5 threads New Member
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I'd love to get any information about these programs especially from people who have done them or know people who have done them. Looking into summer programs for my high school junior.
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Replies to: Global Leadership Adventures? Cross Cultural Solutions?

  • letsgoeatletsgoeat 143 replies5 threads Junior Member
    I'm interested as well!
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  • JonTimmy95JonTimmy95 1 replies0 threadsUser Awaiting Email Confirmation New Member
    Hey! I see that you guys are having questions about summer programs.
    I'm a Global Leadership Adventures alumni and I participated on their China program in the summer of 2010. Hands down it was the best experience of my life thus far.
    I see that your son is interested in participating on the program as a junior, and you may have concerns about his safety. To reassure you, I participated on the program during the summer of my freshman year, and I am currently a high school sophomore.
    Of course, there are many aspects of the program I love, but I'll cover just five of them:
    1) Learning about a foreign country and volunteering in a foreign country
    Usually, when I travel with my family, we go see popular tourist destinations and that's it. On my China program with Global Leadership Adventures, we had many circle-discussions where I got to learn more about the culture of China. We got to volunteer to in a foreign country and see how different it was from our home. We volunteered by working on farms and teaching locals English. We got to live in the urban part of China and the rural part of China through 2 separate weeks. Had I just gone with my family, I wouldn't have seen the rural part!
    2) Diversity
    Global Leadership Adventures programs are open to students around the whole world. I'm from California, and before the program, I only had my little group of friends from California, but now, I have friends from all across the United States, and also the world!
    3) Leadership
    Leadership is a huge component of Global Leadership Adventures programs, and I felt like they have made me into a better leader. I remember when I was in middle school, I ran for Associated Student Body twice and lost both times--and not only did I lose both times, only two or three people in my grade of 300 lost both times! At that time, not achieving a leadership position seemed like the end of the world for me. But from this program, I learned about how to be a better leader--that anyone can lead--that you don't have to be appointed to lead. Being a leader means being different and taking initiatives--marching to the beat of your own drum--and I think that I embody that now.
    4) Being away from family is a big deal at a young age. I feel like I've really gained more responsibility for traveling alone and appreciation for what I have at home after seeing conditions in other parts of the world.
    5) Inspiring
    Before Global Leadership Adventures, most of my volunteer work was local, and just to gain hours for graduation @ my high school. Now, I've been exposed to MEANINGFUL volunteer work, where I really impact others, not just myself, and once that happens, you never go back! I'm participating on more Global Leadership Adventures programs--to Ghana and Tanzania this summer--because I've become so engaged in this program. I remember coming home from China, and GLA was all I could think about for like a month!
    I have a blog about Global Leadership Adventures, and you can access my blog at web.me.com/JonathanTimothySu
    You can also shoot me an email if you have any more questions!
    I wish you a great summer and happy traveling!
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  • GLAREPGLAREP 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Hello I would definitely suggest a GLA programme. I went with GLA to Ghana, Africa last summer (July 2010) and it was the most memorable time of my life so far! I highly recommend their programmes. They are absolutely amazing and very accommodating to students interests and prospectives.

    A major benefit of GLA are that they are completely geared towards high school students and our perspectives on global issues and benefits. They are in communication with all aspects of life, also what you as a student are interested in. Whether it be health, environment, social or international development; GLA works with local grassroots organisations, so you feel completely immersed in the host country's: culture, language and diversity.

    If you enjoy community service in your own country, but would love the opportunity to become involved in a community service project abroad, I would suggest GLA more than any other programme. The programmes are focused on community however there is a great balance of leadership and adventure activities that assist in getting more of a feel for the country you choose.

    Safety and well-being of every student is also one of GLA's top priorities. I never felt like a 'prisoner'. Our GLA mentors and staff, gave us students the right amount of freedom, and we always felt secure at every destination and project we went on.

    I have told my family and numerous people that I wish I could have remained (with GLA) in Ghana for the entire summer; two weeks was not enough. Had the opportunity to merge programmes (for up to 5 weeks) been available for last summer I would have been ecstatic partake in fantastic programme.

    For further information and insight please visit [url=http://www.****/globalleadershipadventures]Global Leadership Adventures | Facebook[/url]

    Thank you for your interest in Global Leadership Adventures and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

    GLA Representative
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  • darthur1630darthur1630 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey there! Yes I would DEFINITELY suggest that you do a GLA programme! This is so helpful because, as cliche as it may sound, it actually makes you discover yourself better! Remember that, you are going to help people, a community that is underprivileged so it makes you change your outlook on life for you to be a better person and to appreciate things more!

    Also, when I went for my South Africa programme, it was great because I learnt their language, and was totally immersed in their culture; trust me, it was a great time and experience!

    One of the reasons why I love GLA is because you get to actually voice out what you think; no one's opinion is discarded and I thought that was really fantastic!

    Since you will be applying to college soon, these programmes like GLA really boost your chances of getting good schools because universities of today really focus on how much impact you want to make or have made in the society.

    The best part? For me, it was meeting new and different people, different ideologies and respecting them as well! Everyday of GLA, I would wake up and smile because I knew that someone else's day was going to depend on that smile..

    No matter where you are from, it is the mere fact that you are putting yourself out there for someone else that is the most important thing. So I hope that you do take this experience into serios consideraton because of its benefits and enroll NOW!

    Thanks for your interest and feel free to contact me anytime.([email protected]) or just look for me on facebook( Dette Arthur)

    Bernadette, GLA student ambassador.
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