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Changing clusters at COSMOS?

afatpersonafatperson 14 replies7 postsRegistered User Junior Member
So I was accepted to cluster 6 mathematics at UC Davis. I decided to take mathematics over intro to engineering mechanics on a whim and really regret it now. Does anyone have experience switching clusters in years past? I know the websites say no, but there must be a slim chance right?
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Replies to: Changing clusters at COSMOS?

  • GoBears2023GoBears2023 731 replies9 postsForum Champion Summer Programs Forum Champion
    There is no way you can change clusters. That is why they ask you to put Cluster 6 as your first choice cluster since it is binding. You really should be proud of getting into mathematics and I would highly recommend sticking with the cluster. It's one of the clusters that looks really good on college apps. Just for reference, it had a 9-10% acceptance rate when I attended.
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  • ZotZotBoisZotZotBois 2 replies0 postsRegistered User New Member
    @afatperson Same. I hate cluster 6. However, I love the soylent culture.
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