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THINK - Davidson - Univ of Nevada - Reno

evalynnevalynn 11 replies6 threadsRegistered User New Member
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Hello -

My daughter submitted her application to THINK yesterday. She is very excited about two of the courses they are offering. (Philosophy and one other - can't remember) She is aware the chances of acceptance are slim ---- they only accept 60 per year.

Has anyone gone there ?
Is it as good as it appears ?
Any feedback ?

DD will be a rising 9th grader with a rather impressive resume and self motivated soul.

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Replies to: THINK - Davidson - Univ of Nevada - Reno

  • raideraderaiderade 2319 replies180 threads- Senior Member
    I've heard that THINK is less about the resume and much more about innate intelligence and learning potential (which makes sense since their primary target as a school is to serve profoundly gifted underachievers). However, I have not heard that admissions is crazy hard. What I've heard is that if you make the minimum scores they have out you have a strong chance of being accepted. I think more than half get in.
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  • musisatmusisat 415 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Hi. I recently sent in my THINK application, but I think I am in a completely different situation than your daughter. I am a current 11th grader. I don't know if I have an impressive resume, am profoundly gifted, or am an "underachiever." I have attended other "gifted" camps like Rocky Mountain Talent Search and Center for Innovative and Talented Youth. I have no idea what my chances with THINK are.

    I have a friend who attended THINK, maybe twice. She said that she loves it, and that the classes are rigorous.
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    musisat, I assume if you are in 11th grade and still in the age range for THINK, you may have been grade-accelerated. That is one sign that you are gifted... My D also sent in her app last week, so maybe she and you and evalynn's daugther will all meet there this summer!
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  • musisatmusisat 415 replies12 threadsRegistered User Member
    Eh, I know other grade-skippers who aren't anything exceptional. I do feel much more challenged/comfortable in my current grade than in classes with people my own age. I hope I get in. I applied for the statistics class and the biology one. Let's just see what happens. Good luck!
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  • intparentintparent 36291 replies644 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    D put Philosophy and the public health biology classes as her first choices. She was interested in the human brain class, but it looked like it wasn't as focused on the science and biology of the brain as she wanted. The Statistics professor has amazing reviews on Rate My Professor.com, so you should have a blast in that class if you get in.
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