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Biology v. Organic Chem over the summer?

davididavidi 70 replies14 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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I am currently high school sophomore, and I am planning to go to the Harvard summer program this summer. I am planning on going into medical school, hopefully, so I was wondering which class would be better to take for college credit over the summer, Introductory Biology or Organic Chemistry? The main reason I would take Organic Chemistry would be to complete the requirement, but I would take the bio class so that I could delve into more advanced topics in biology earlier than I would have otherwise.
Also, I have two other question. I am currently taking AP Chemistry, which my teacher said is equivalent to general/inorganic chemistry in college, is that true? Is the introductory bio course over the summer equivalent to, better than, or worse than an AP Bio class?

Thanks in advance,
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Replies to: Biology v. Organic Chem over the summer?

  • cyberchondriaccyberchondriac 372 replies84 threadsRegistered User Member
    I would take organic chem, it's as related to the medical field as introductory biology. You need a teacher more for chem than bio anyways. Intro to Bio = AP Bio, more or less, while Organic chem is more advanced than AP chem.
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  • Dad_of_3Dad_of_3 1964 replies103 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    My D, currently sophomore at NU, took Biology this summer at Harvard primarily because she has to finish Bio and Orgo by the end of her sophomore year, and Orgo had a reputation of being a killer. She had rented an apartment with other students, of whom one had taken Orgo.

    Her opinion was that the Harvard course that crammed a year's worth of material within two months was a bit too much, and probably didn't give her the same experience as a course spread over a year. She had already taken AP Bio in HS, and this was a more advanced course, but I don't know if the HS students take the same course as the college kids. I believe Orgo was was intense too.
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  • coolweathercoolweather 5878 replies82 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    I am currently taking AP Chemistry, which my teacher said is equivalent to general/inorganic chemistry in college, is that true?

    It depends on each college. Some colleges don't give AP credits in Chem or Bio unless you take them in some good college.
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  • advanced Lawlzadvanced Lawlz 645 replies34 threads- Junior Member
    Ochem is not comparable to ap chem. They cover vastly different material, and ochem requires ap chem level knowledge.

    Intro to bio is not comparable to ochem either, ochem is a second level chemistry class, while intro to bio is just that, intro to bio.
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