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Meal Plan 2010-2011

debit256debit256 2 replies4 threads New Member
edited July 2010 in SUNY at Buffalo
I was wondering if Freshmen have more options than the "Any 14 Plan" "Any 19 Plan". Freshmen are automatically programed to have "Any 19 Plan" but may choose "Any 14 Plan"

Any 19 plan -
This plan gives students access to every meal served throughout the semester. We serve all-you-care-to-eat meals in our Resident Dining Centers (breakfast & dinner – Mon.-Fri.; brunch & dinner – Sat. –Sun.) Use your 19 meals in any combination in the Resident Dining Centers or as meal exchanges in many Campus Dining & Shops restaurant and café locations. Plus:

• $200 Dining Dollars

• 3 Guest Meal Passes
Total Cost: $2,050 (per semester)

Any 14 plan -
If you plan on eating two meals per day, this plan would be a good choice. We serve all-you-care-to-eat meals in our Resident Dining Centers (breakfast & dinner – Mon.-Fri; brunch & dinner – Sat.-Sun.). Use your 14 meals in any combination in the Resident Dining Centers or as meal exchanges in many Campus Dining & Shops restaurant and café locations. Plus:

• $300 Dining Dollars

• 3 Guest Meal Passes
Total Cost: $1,950 (per semester)

Which plan is more cost efficient, valued, etc. I don't have a huge appetite and I will most likely be living on the north campus as a freshmen.

The other meal plan options are mentioned only to upperclassmen/Apartment and commuter students.
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  • crazedcrazed 1884 replies90 threads Senior Member
    Son took the 19 meals first term and 14 second. Used dining dollars for lunch. He lived on South and had full days on North so he had to eat in the Shops for lunch.

    Son does not have a big appetite but that did not mean he skips meals. Going to B,L,D is social.
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  • sk8rmomsk8rmom 5710 replies36 threads Senior Member
    Yes, you only have those two choices as a freshman this year. Last year there was a 10 meal/week plan too, but guess they've eliminated it...my D chose that one because, although she was living on North campus, she had both early classes and evening labs so she knew she'd eat breakfast in her room and pick up dinner somewhere on the spine. She eats 3 meals a day, but liked Pistachio's and other venues for lunch more than eating in the dining hall - some had meal exchanges, some didn't. So the smallest meal plan, with $400 dining dollars, worked out well for her - I think I added about $50 for fall semester and she had $15 left at the end of spring. She says she liked being able to eat where she wanted to, without feeling like she was wasting her meal plan by not using all her swipes...and managed to avoid the "freshman 15"!
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  • user_007user_007 365 replies1 threads Member
    Yeah, Freshman living on campus need to take either the 19 or 14 meal plan. Off campus can take a block I believe.

    Last year they didn't have a 14, it was 19, 12, or 10. I had 19 the first semester and wasted quite a few per week. Went to 12 second semester, but it was kind of weird - it was 2 meals a day for 5 days a week and 1 for two days. Generally I eat two meals a day, so that's about 14 per week. Since weekends are brunch and dinner and you'll likely use the dining halls for both, that's 4 meal swipes on the weekends...that meant only 3 weekdays I had two meals, so I used dining dollars for lunch two days a week.

    Occasionally I'd go to breakfast though, so it would often be 3 days a week using dining dollars for lunch.

    That wasn't a problem however, the Silver plan had 350 dining dollars plus I rolled over about 175 from the first semester. Had a ton left at the end of the year.

    This year I'm going to take the 14, even though I could choose a block - it makes the most sense. With $300 in dining dollars per semester I'll probably have at least half left...but that means I can take home $300 worth of stuff at the end of the year.

    Sk8rmom, dining halls aren't open for lunch. All of the campus dining and shops places take meal exchanges - that is Pistachio's, Putnam's, and Bert's. NY Deli (Kosher food I believe) next to Bert's takes them on certain days of the week I believe.

    Can't use meal exchanges in the commons but then again you can't use dining dollars there either. Anywhere that takes dining dollars takes meal exchanges except NY Deli. That includes the little places too (Capen Cafe, Mrs. Rich's in NSC, Baldy Walkway, etc.)

    Issue could be that meal exchanges last year were only taken at certain times (lunch 11-2 and dinner 4-8). Lunch this year is until 3 though and you can use two swipes per time period.

    So the meals don't really limit where you eat.

    Agree with crazed about meal times being social...definitely dinner. Lunch was usually based around class schedules. Breakfast too...but coupled with waking up. Rarely ate breakfast with friends unless we had class at the same time and I felt like getting up. Most people don't seem to want to wake up any earlier than necessary.
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  • sk8rmomsk8rmom 5710 replies36 threads Senior Member
    Yes, I should have said she didn't like eating lunch at any of the places in Ellicott - seems like one or more was open at lunch but I have no idea if they are CDS or not. I think Pistachios, and a couple places in the commons were her faves but since most of her friends had the 19/week one she ate at the ones that took exchanges/DD. Glad to hear they're expanding the meal exchange periods this year...did the dinner hours expand too? That was tricky with stacked recitations and labs in the late afternoon to evening last year.

    D has decided to take the 160 block plan so she doesn't end up losing swipes, as she did on the weekly plan (for long weekends, breaks, etc.). I think it works out to around $9.75/swipe which is less than the cost of brunch/dinners in the dining halls and she'll continue to use the DD for lunches.
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  • user_007user_007 365 replies1 threads Member
    Ellicott food court takes meal exchanges for lunch I believe. They are an exception for breakfast and dinner though - they only take dining dollars at those times (they want you to eat at the dining halls then). They are CDS.

    Pistachio's is in the SU and takes exchanges and Dining Dollars.

    Per the postcard they sent a week or so ago, dinner is 4-8, but they are starting a "late night" exchange 9 pm to 2 am. However, the "late night" one is the same as breakfast value - $4.50 - when dinner is $8.25.

    Also per the postcard they are opening a Moe's in the SU. I walked through there the other day and it's going where the old Jump Asian place was. That will be nice. I hope they take Dining/Meal - I'd assume they will, as Tim Horton's does.
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