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What do you think of SUNY Geneseo?

ibegyouhelpmeibegyouhelpme 6 replies3 threads New Member
Do you like it? Do you have any input, reviews, opinions, personal experience, any input at all is greatly appreciated.
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Replies to: What do you think of SUNY Geneseo?

  • PennCAS2014PennCAS2014 378 replies8 threads Member
    I think it's a great institution. It's essentially the New York State system's "small liberal arts college" and it provides you with a wonderful academic experience. It is small and collaborative. Students are friendly and passionate. It's relatively selective among the SUNY's and it's in a beautiful part of the state. If you're thinking about small public schools with top notch academics- Geneseo is a great choice.
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  • rebeccarrebeccar 2141 replies39 threads Senior Member
    I replied in your other thread but just to expand here - when I started the college search process, Geneseo was by far my first choice. I was positive I'd end up there. When we visited it was more of a formality, but I really can't stress how isolated it felt. Where are you from? I'm from Long Island, with a 40 minute train ride into the city, so it was not at all like I was used to. We were driving from the hotel to campus and I was getting so uncomfortable at the lack of buildings for miles.The campus itself is beautiful, but the town is more like a strip. Y'know what I'd recommend? Search SUNY Geneseo on Google Maps and go to street view. Then you can "walk around" a little and see if it's for you. It is a great school with a great reputation, in NY at least.
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  • ibegyouhelpmeibegyouhelpme 6 replies3 threads New Member
    I am also from long island, suffolk county. Is it really that badly isolated? I didn't think of that as an issue at all but now it's starting to worry me.
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  • TheGreyKingTheGreyKing Forum Champion Williams College 2259 replies104 threads Forum Champion
    edited April 2017
    I am another suburban Long Islander writing in! I went to Williams, which is in a remote mountain village. I never was bothered by a sense of "isolation." The college brought famous speakers and entertainment to the campus, the weekends were always lively with special events, and the surrounding area was breathtakingly beautiful. In college, the action often is ON campus more than off it.
    Geneseo is near the famous Letchworth State Park. I have heard it is gorgeous!
    I went to Columbia in NYC for my graduate degree. I infinitely preferred the Williams location and the Williams experience to my time living in NYC. So I guess it depends whether you are a country mouse or a city mouse!
    edited April 2017
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  • techmom99techmom99 3513 replies6 threads Senior Member
    My friend's D, another LI girl with a 40 minute commute into NYC, attended Geneseo and enjoyed it. She got a good education there and is employed in her field.

    Another friend's D from Westchester, was on her way to visit with her dad when their car went off the road into a ditch. After the car was pulled out, they made a U-turn and headed home. She went to U Buff instead.

    I have heard that because Geneseo is so isolated, there is a lot of drinking but that happens at many schools, including Cornell.

    My friend told me that Geneseo students have a free or very low cost shuttle into Rochester. Her D used it to visit her brother, who was at school in Rochester. However, when he visited her, he had to pay.
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  • Toms11123Toms11123 7 replies0 threads New Member
    I currently go to Geneseo and I love it, but I recognize that it's not for everyone. It is geographically isolated as others have mentioned, but not only is there a free bus to Rochester, there really is a ton of things to do on campus, and even in the small town around it.
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