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Can I expect merit aid?

redwood79redwood79 8 replies2 threads New Member
Hello, I'm a prospective student that is very interested in attending Geneseo.

I'm wondering if I can expect merit aid, and whether that merit aid can stack with the Excelsior Scholarship.
Here are my stats:

SAT: low 1500s, near perfect in EBRW, math is not as good.
GPA: soemwhere between 95-96
AP: 5 in European History, 5 in Human Geography, taking 3 APs this year.
ECs: School newspaper writer, other writing clubs

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Replies to: Can I expect merit aid?

  • websterdadwebsterdad 5 replies2 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    Yes, you should receive some merit scholarship base on your GPA and SAT. I asked this same question during open house back in October. Be aware that Excelsior scholarship only applies at end of other scholarships and Federal/State grants. It only applies to tuition only. Not on room/board, books, etc...

    I would use this in-state example below:

    Current Geneseo In-State Tuition Cost - $6,870

    If your merit scholarship is $2,000.

    If this is your need-based financial aid from Federal/State:
    Federal Pell Grant = $2,000
    NY TAP (If you are from NY) = $1,500
    Total award = $5,500

    In this example, Excelsior scholarship will cover $1,370.

    $6,870 - $5,500 = $1,370

    Here are additional costs outside of tuition that Excelsior scholarship will not cover (stats from SUNY Geneseo website):
    College Fees - $1,781
    Room Rent - $8,126
    Meal Plan - $4,491
    Books - $1,000

    SUNY Geneseo does not offer large scholarship. I recall it is $2,000 or $3000 for merit scholarship.

    edited December 2018
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  • redwood79redwood79 8 replies2 threads New Member
    I heard merit scholarships can be used to cover room/board fees instead of tuition though? Would excelsior and merit stack then?
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  • websterdadwebsterdad 5 replies2 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    It is possible that your Federal Pell Grant, NY TAP and Excelsior scholarship to fully cover your Geneseo tuition.

    Federal Pell Grant - Cover up to $6,095.
    NY TAP - Cover up to $5,165.
    Excelsior scholarship - Cover up to $5,500 toward tuition deficit.

    You merit scholarship could cover part of your other expenses.

    SUNY schools are always the best value choice when compare to private school tuition.

    As for other expenses such as room/board, books, etc... They are about the same when compare to similar size private schools.

    Estimated cost 2018-19 (From Geneseo website).
    Tuition $6,870
    Fees $1,781
    Room Rent*1 $8,126
    Meal Plan*1 $4,491
    Books $1,000
    Travel $1,500
    Personal $1,000
    Total Estimated Budget $24,768

    You are still looking at approx $15,000 per year for the non-tuition expenses.
    edited December 2018
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  • BuckeyeMWDSGBuckeyeMWDSG 1017 replies11 threads Senior Member
    edited December 2018
    "Rice University, a highly ranked private research university with 3,900 undergraduates in Houston, announced this week that it would offer free tuition scholarships to undergraduates whose families earn $130,000 or less. Students with family incomes of $65,000 or less will receive free tuition plus grants covering the full cost of room, board and fees. The plan will take effect in the fall of 2019." https://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2018/09/20/rice-university-will-offer-free-tuition-to-families-earning-less-than-130000/#2304d4eb21ba

    Might want to submit an application to Rice if your family has the income ranges above, especially if you are eligible for a pell grant. It is tough to get into, but your sat score is between the 25th and 75th percentile of admitted students.
    edited December 2018
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  • redwood79redwood79 8 replies2 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    Thank you, websterdad. My parents have told me that they can pay for room/board/travel but that's it.

    Buckeye, I am definitely interested in Rice. But they mention that you must have "typical assets" and we are below the cutoff of 130k but have sizable assets, which may mean I don't qualify for the full tuition. In addition, I'm mostly interested in LACs in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic. Though if I could a concrete response as to what "typical assets" mean I definitely be willing to apply.
    edited December 2018
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  • Houston1021Houston1021 Forum Champion Rice 1273 replies27 threads Forum Champion
    edited December 2018
    Run the Rice net price calculator and you should have your answer about whether you would qualify for aid, or call Rice financial aid and ask. https://financialaid.rice.edu
    edited December 2018
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  • redwood79redwood79 8 replies2 threads New Member
    Just ran the NPC, we don't qualify for the Rice Investment.
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