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Is SUNY Geneseo really as selective as it claims?

gleefan123gleefan123 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
edited March 2011 in SUNY at Geneseo
Although SUNY Geneseo has a name for being one of the most selective SUNYs, if not the most selective SUNY, I have personally noticed that I don't know anyone who has been rejected.
If anything, people have been deferred admission to Spring or the following year, but I don't know anyone who has been rejected outright. What does this mean?
Are the deferred admissions counted in the acceptance rate? My guess would be no...
Is it just me or is something strange going on here?

ps - A lot of the people I know who were rejected from Binghamton were accepted to Geneseo, either for the fall or spring. What is going on?
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Replies to: Is SUNY Geneseo really as selective as it claims?

  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 34,398 Super Moderator
    It's just you. If you check the common data sets for both schools, section C, you see that Geneseo has a lower acceptance % and higher SATs.
  • gleefan123gleefan123 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    The thing is, I was very suspicious about this, so my dad called Geneseo admissions. They said that the students they accept in Spring and for the following year are NOT counted in the admissions rate, therefore although they claim to accept about 35%, who knows how many people they take for spring or the following year off the records?
    So my dad asked how many people they straightout reject, and they said 6%. Not 60%, but 6%. They say that 94% of their candidates are qualified, so they only reject 6% and allow the others to come Spring and the following year. HOW CAN THIS BE RIGHT?
    How can a school call themselves highly selective if they only reject 6% of applicants????
  • hudsonvalley51hudsonvalley51 Registered User Posts: 2,449 Senior Member
    Geneseo rejects 58% of the students who apply for admission. It is right there in black and white on their most recent Common Data Set filing.

    In 2009 10,412 students applied for admission. 3,631 were accepted. Another 780 were offered a place on the waitlist. That means 42% were either accepted or waitlisted.

    My one quibble with the CDS figures is that Geneseo says NO ONE was admitted off the waitlist. This is patently untrue as I know three students personally who were offered either Fall or Spring admission off the waitlist.
  • ericatbucknellericatbucknell Registered User Posts: 758 Member
    It's just you. If you check the common data sets for both schools, section C, you see that Geneseo has a lower acceptance % and higher SATs.

    i dont know anything about this practice at geneseo, but if true this is an example where the common data set fails. delayed admits are not only allowed to be reported as rejected applicants, but their (typically lower) sat scores never have to be published, either.

    [and geneseo reported an acceptance rate of 34.9% last year to 33.4% at binghamton.]

    further, geneseo reports only one standardized test score for each of its incoming students (in fact, it only reports scores for 98% of its incoming fall class). binghamton, on the other hand, reports all received scores and thus has scores effectively totaling 123% of its incoming class.

    in other words, geneseo is removing a submitted score for perhaps a quarter of its incoming class. dump the scores of the less-than-75th-percentile testers into the act pool (which few care about) and youre effectively erasing sat scores for a sixth of your students. effect? probably 10 points to the 75th percentile of both the math and verbal sections, resulting in a 20 point increase in the reported 75th percentile and a 10 point increase to the mid range average. (simply dumping the poorer score via a correspondance table, as probably happens, would result in somewhat less predictably dramatic results.)
  • gleefan123gleefan123 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    Yes! I feel like the statistics are skewed. Also, I do not think they have a regular waiting list - all students on the waiting list are promised a spot, but at a later time.
    How can they get away with securing almost everyone who applies (94%) a spot at some point and still calling themselves selective? Very suspicious.
  • GCmom415GCmom415 Registered User Posts: 720 Member
    My son was waitlisted at Bing and got into Geneseo. I thought it was a great school and would put it on my list for my daughter. I did prefer it much more than I did Bing. He decide on a different school.
  • Erin's DadErin's Dad Super Moderator Posts: 34,398 Super Moderator
    Before we get into a discussion about how schools cook the books, there are specific directions on how schools must fill out the CDS so that you can compare schools. The info at Geneseo is developed no differently than that at any other school.
  • FatherliFatherli Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    I agree with Erin's Dad what Geneseo is doing is really no different than any other college...it's all about enrollment management. Students graduate mid year or transfer out for whatever reason and this enables a college to back fill those spots. This keeps the college doors open and financially sound.

    Geneseo most definitely doesn't place 94% of their applicants in the fall or spring semester they don't have the capacity to handle that. I think what the admission counselor was saying is that 6% of the applicants do not meet the minimal requirements for Fall admission which I believe is GPA over 90 SAT 1200. Students are much more savy with their college choices these days and self select schools that they believe they have a good chance of getting into. Geneseo tends to have a very competitive applicant pool but ofcourse you do have some students that apply with much lower scores and grades but for Geneseo that is a relatively small population. That is the 6% I believe they were referring to.

    My daughter also has several friends who were accepted to Binghamton but rejected from Geneseo so it really just all depends...
  • FatherliFatherli Registered User Posts: 128 Junior Member
    Admission stats were also recently reported in the NY times.....

    2010 Admissions Tally - The Choice Blog - NYTimes.com

    Of the SUNYs who reported, you can see that Geneseo has a higher admit yield as well as % of students who accept the wait list offer. It is a great school so I don't blame them (Proud father).
  • caemincaemin Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    The Spring XX admits are considered rejects because they failed to attain admission for the semester they designated their application for. Every school gets to "cook" the books that way.
  • csdadcsdad Registered User Posts: 2,289 Senior Member
    Our 2009 valdectorian was rejected at Geneseo but accepted at Cornell & Univ. of Rochester!! I suspect that they have a "1200 SAT filter" on applicants."Deferred admission" appears to be gaining popularity at Geneseo. I know that if a parent was an alumni they are much more likely to offer Jan. admission even if students stats are nowhere near students accepted for fall admission.
  • monydadmonydad Registered User Posts: 7,485 Senior Member
    The aggregate reported data says otherwise, but FWIW, we looked at Naviance data for the last couple years at my son's school, and from his school, based on stats only, Binghamton seems to be the somewhat tougher admit.
  • SueMacSueMac Registered User Posts: 140 Junior Member
    I am sure there is some cooking of the books like at every school. There are more important things to consider. When all is said and done, I think my daughter will prefer it over, for example, SUNY B and Stonybrook, because of size. So far, the schools she has preferred have been smallish to medium...
  • SueMacSueMac Registered User Posts: 140 Junior Member
    I have to look at Naviance...but I have heard that at my daughter's school in Brooklyn, more kids go to SUNY B than Geneseo. I don't know how much of it has to do with application and how much has to do with admission...
  • krazydawgindavekrazydawgindave Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    I attended SUNY Geneseo. I would not recommend earning your degree from this university. No one has really heard of it outside of New York State. Where does SUNY Binghamton rank on the U.S. News and world report-- 86. Damn that is pretty low for the best public school in New York State. Have you heard of any millionaires from SUNY Geneseo-- I sure as hell haven't. They don't have any alumni network. I would rather attend University of California, Riverside because of the sheer size of the population-- where there are bound to be some rich out of so many graduates per year.
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