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suny farmingdale

tc11954tc11954 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
edited January 2010 in SUNY - General
Been looking around on the forums and notice some ups and downs from people and their coments, just wanted to get a real outview of the school.

1.) If one were to say they were to attend SUNY Farmingdale, would one be embarass towards the similiarity of saying that one is from a community college?

2.) What is the surrounding area of Farmingdale like? such as diversity such as a large population of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Etc and violence such as gang violence, large crime waves, or does it have a sort of rich upper classy area.

3.) How are the people at SUNY Farmingdale like? Smokers, Quiet Goodie People, Heavy Party area, etc.
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  • LilyMoonLilyMoon Registered User Posts: 1,832 Senior Member
    My friends daughter goes to Farmingdale. She is planning on transferring out next fall. She also commutes there. I think there are a lot of commuters and kids who go here looking to move on. The school is located off a main road that is mostly commercial. Lots of malls, movie theaters, restaurants, shopping nearby. I would say the area is low on crime and does have some nice townhouse communities that were recently built in the vicinity but it is not really a residential area right around the school. I don't think my friends daughter has met many Farmingdale kids as a freshman and is still maintaining her HS friends at home.

    Wish I could be of more help.
  • TA3021TA3021 Registered User Posts: 789 Member
    1.) If one were to say they were to attend SUNY Farmingdale, would one be embarass towards the similiarity of saying that one is from a community college?

    Maybe. Depending on who you talk to, the school is either very good or very crappy. Farmingdale used to be a community college and that's probably why there is a 13th grade feel. One of the first things everyone will say is that Farmingdale has a beautiful campus, which is very true.

    2. There is a sufficient amount of diversity even though the majority of the school is white. I haven't noticed many Hispanics, but there are plenty of African-Americans. I've noticed that there is a high percentage of black people who dorm rather than commute like the majority of the school. The Asian population has increased since last year, especially the Indians. There are also at least 200 Chinese students studying abroad, those Chinese students are from the area that had a major earthquake. As for the Hispanics, I heard that there are going to be students from the Dominican Republic studying abroad in Farmingdale every year.

    There is no crime at all. The campus police is very active and will definitely crack on any gang violence before one can even plan anything. The school is strict, so that is why there aren't any parties. There is a blend of all economic classes. Some people at the school are too obnoxious and loud for this school to be considered classy or upper scale.
    3.) How are the people at SUNY Farmingdale like? Smokers, Quiet Goodie People, Heavy Party area, etc.

    Every other person smokes. I don't know if I'm just sheltered, but I've never seen so many people smoke until I went here. No one cares if you smoke or not, so don't worry about peer pressure. Be very surprised if not one person asks you for a lighter during your time at Farmingdale.
    There is still fresh air in spite of all of this, so don't feel that you'll have to walk through clouds of smoke wherever you go.

    As I said before, there are no parties in Farmingdale and that is because the dorms are very strict. Farmingdale is a dry campus which means that there is no alcohol permitted for recreational purposes. Some people complain about this and want to transfer to a college with more parties because Farmingdale is considered utterly boring when it comes to that.
    However, there are "Ram Jams" a few times a month, sponsored by Ram Radio, the campus radio station. I heard they are pretty fun, but I haven't attended any so I can't speak from personal experience.

    As for the people in general, I can't say there is one person who defines the whole student body. However, I can say that at least 50% of the school comprises of geeks or nerds. This is probably because Farmingdale is considered a technical school. Many of these geeks are of course computer science or engineering majors. You can often spot them watching anime in the computer lab and they are generally very nice people.
    I feel that there are too many quiet, intelligent people who get drowned out by the loud, obnoxious people who just love attention no matter how idiotic or annoying it sounds. They spew total garbage and nonsensical slang. There are many people who just keep to themselves and only go to class and come home. If you take a class like Philosophy, you'll be surprised how many very intelligent students you overlooked because the dummies yell the loudest.
    Then there are the slackers/druggies. You know those people who always rattle on about weed or whatever drug they did this weekend? You'll find some of them here. I think everyone gets high outside of campus. There are a few people who come to class high, but that's true for every college.
    There are some materialistic people and a few people who still act like they're in high school, but you can ignore them. Most of them are freshman who did not get the HS drama out of their system yet.
    The professors are decent and the academics are fair. You will get a nice education at Farmingdale even though I feel that it is being wasted on burnouts. It is still a nice school in general and since it is centrally located on Long Island, it will probably help you get job opportunities and internships. Half of the dentists I know went to Farmingdale or know someone who went there and say it is a good school.
    You should take advantage of the opportunities the school has because many people aren't and are just going through the motions.

    That's all I can think of for now. I will answer any other questions you have.
  • tc11954tc11954 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Thanks for the help LilyMoon and TA3021, especially TA3021 for that essay :D, it was very helpful. Here is another question if you don't mind:

    1.) Do you recommend a person to speak with that is a faculty member at Farmingdale that could assist me with more in depth college questions then the general basis of student perspective? and please don't say the [email protected]
  • tc11954tc11954 Registered User Posts: 3 New Member
    Additional questions because I couldn't find the edit button for my last post:

    2.) Food, with the meal plan is it really worth it? or is the food the same thing over and over.

    3.) Describe the area around Farmingdale: slums, high rises, heavy populated,etc?

    4.) Can you think of any major turndowns from attending the school/or anything in general that would make people look away?
  • TA3021TA3021 Registered User Posts: 789 Member
    1.) Sorry, no one I know of can help.

    2.) Since I am a commuter, who has only ate in their dining room a handful of times, I can't really say. When I did eat at the cafeteria, they did change the food once in awhile. Also, most of the students say that the food is lame. It's nothing to brag about.
    There is a KFC and a place called Teddy's where you can eat sandwiches not unlike Quiznos or maybe even Subway. There is also a cafe where you can get salads, smoothies, a snack, hot chocolate, soup, etc.
    Inside the library is a Student Room where you can grab a salad, sandwiches or something to drink while you study.
    If you're going to commute, just pack your own lunch, you're not going to get anything you haven't eaten before.

    3.) Farmingdale is a very safe area. There are no slums anywhere near the college. Although the amount of students has noticeably increased, it does not feel crowded. Farmingdale is located centrally in Long Island, in a major street called Route 110. Farmingdale is close to a theme park called Adventureland which is no Six Flags or Disney World, but is worthwhile if you want to have fun. It is also near two movie theaters which are practically across the street from each other. If one movie theater isn't playing a particular movie, the other one is and it is a simple bus or car ride away from Farmingdale. There are no high rises that I've seen.
    There are clubs in Route 110 that many who dorm go to. They do have some advertisements for clubs left around campus if you're interested. There is also a grill and bar called The Crazy Donkey where they sometimes throw concerts.
    As LilyMoon said, there are lots of shopping and restaurants nearby.
    I have to warn you though, events at Farmingdale are very low key and easy to miss if you don't check your Farmingdale college e-mail account and the bulletin board at Roosevelt Hall. If you don't look at neither, Farmingdale will be an extremely dry place to go to and you'll have absolutely nothing to do there but study.
    Also, if you go to the library make sure to study downstairs. Upstairs has too many distractions and idiots who occasionally break the rules by talking too loud or on their phones. Once I saw some fools laughing loudly and eating KFC inside one of the rooms. However, downstairs is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop and that is so peaceful to have.

    4.) If you're looking for parties, do not go here. If you're looking for people to just hand resources to you, do not go here. You'll have to do just about everything yourself, even learning the material as some of the teachers aren't very good. If you're not self-sufficient and tend to be lazy, Farmingdale will enable you by allowing it as some of the students are immature, yet disable you by letting you get stuck behind the brick wall and not letting you advance or grow personally or professionally in your life.
  • hospitaldoctor1hospitaldoctor1 Registered User Posts: 11 New Member
    Is Farmingdale an easy school?
    I hear you just need to show up to class and read the textbook a little before the exam and you'll be fine... easy A's
    Is this true?
    How about for the Upper Division Biology courses?
  • JimmyMEJimmyME Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I went to Farmingdale for the last two years (Fall 07 - Summer 09), so I'll throw in a little input. I was a mechanical engineering technology major while I was there.

    I honestly hated Farmingdale, and nobody I really knew said they really loved the school. The campus isn't ugly, but I wouldn't say it is beautiful either. I had some good professors, and a few excellent ones, but it seemed I got mostly poor professors. Two of my professors in the MET department were some of the most incompetent people I ever met.

    The academics are very watered down. They don’t have engineering programs, only engineering technology, which was my primary reason for transferring. They teach mostly watered down calculus and algebra-based physics courses. Not every class is an easy A, but if you put forth the effort, you'll get an A. They don't hand them out like candy though.

    My experience as far as people goes; I was able to make some friends. I definitely found a group of people that I could get along with. My last semester there the people I made friends with were all transferring also. A decent amount of people did come up to me and ask to buy weed a few times (I don't smoke).

    The library sucks for studying. I know they were working on it when I left, but the first year I was there EVERYTHING LEAKED when it rained. If you walk around, especially the upper floor, you'll notice almost every piece of furniture has water stains. Then they started working on it, so all you heard were drills and banging.

    Some of the buildings are in rough shape also. One class I had the windows rattled against the frames so if it was windy out we had to jam paper in the frames or suffer through a lot of banging. Lupton hall first floor was always 85+ degrees.

    I could go on and on about stuff I hated about the school. If you are considering SUNY Farmingdale, here is my advice, attend Suffolk or Nassau community college for one year, do really well in your classes, and then transfer to SUNY Stony Brook. Avoid SUNY Farmingdale.

    Oh yea, just one more thing, the guy who works in the registrar, complete jerk.
  • MMAR423MMAR423 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    Hello Im looking into Farmingdale State for the first two years and am going to transfer. Is it a good school to start at? How's the social life? Is there a lot of team spirit and events on campus?
  • collegurl15collegurl15 Registered User Posts: 1 New Member
    I would suggest ( being a student their before) not to attend SUNY Farmingdale State College. They don't teach very well, just show power -points and expects students to learn from it. They don't care how hard you try since they have so many students attending either nursing or dental hygiene program, they just kick you to the curb without any explanation or care in the world. A teacher should be someone that guides you and makes sure you succeed especially if a student shows a great amount of care. This school doesn't help with that, they don't care if you try or have the desire to succeed. They are also short staffed when it comes to clinic. Please reconsider and save your money, time and yourself.
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