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When is your Orientation Date?


Replies to: When is your Orientation Date?

  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Wow, I was hoping somebody at my registration would help me pick the classes I need and guide me, but I can see that they aren't too helpful as you are saying, inno89. This really sucks. I am going to orientation this coming Tuesday, I was hoping THEY would tell me what to take and what classes are open. I am not 100% sure what I need as I am transferring and already have an AS degree and I wanted pre-law counseling to see what they offer and what would be helpful for me to take. I will let everyone know what happens Tuesday!
  • Sugababe86Sugababe86 Registered User Posts: 27 New Member
    hi pitbulls3,
    the advisor I had was very helpful told me which dec to take and they also have lists with all open classes.
    I made sure that I knew which classes I wanted to take before I got to orientation because you never know what kind of advisor you get.
    I met the director of my program and she told me which major classes to take.
    Good Luck
  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Thanks, Suga, I hope I get a helpful advisor also. I don't think I will just skip the whole registration session like inno says to do. Maybe I will be lucky! I did start looking at open classes in the English department and there are plenty still available (even if some of the times of the classes was sucky!). Hey, I'll take what I have to when I can! I am just not sure what classes I need for my BA and wanted help with that and also I was hoping they could steer me towards some pre-law classes. I will let you know how it goes- it's coming soon- Tuesady!!!
  • JimmyMEJimmyME Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    My take on Orientation.

    I had my Oreintation in the afternoon. I started off by checking in and then filling out a form and getting a picture taken for my student ID.

    I was then off to about a 15 minute lunch followed by some guy talking for about an hour, maybe an hour and 15 minutes, which I tuned out and was totally useless and boring. After that it was off to academic advising followed by registration.

    While you wait around for your advisor there are plenty of oreintation staff around to talk to you, tell you about the University, answer questions, very informative.

    My advisor was absolutely awesome. The advisement was 1 on 1 and she moved quickly and was extremely helpful in picking out my classes. I recommend that you try and pick out the classes you want to take or at least get a general idea by looking in SOLAR. I cant stress how much being prepared and knowledgable about your program helps the advising process. Read your major's bulletin, make sure you understand everything in it. If you don't understand something, write down any questions you may have on a seperate sheet of paper.

    There was one advisor who when he walked out to the waiting area to find his student seemed like a total jerk, maybe that is the person inno89 got, but most of the advisors looked nice and helpful.

    After that you go to registration where you have basically sit down at a laptop with an orientation person (basically a student), log into SOLAR and register for your classes. If you know how to use SOLAR it takes less than 2 minutes to register.

    Then it was pretty much over, there was a commuter presentation which I attended because I am going to commute and it was only a half hour, I learned some good stuff, but it was optional.

    I actually had a great orientation experience. One more thing, make sure you have filled out and faxed your health form, there was a huge line for that, and it looked absolutely miserable to be on.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me / ask.
  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Thank you guys so much for all the info!!!! I really really hope I get that nice lady too, Jimmy!!!! I am going for the afternoon session too, did you have to stay until 6 PM??? I sent the health stuff already and they took it off my SOLAR "To Do" list so I guess I won't have to wait on that line. I am going with my mother, can I eat lunch with her or are we split up by that time?
  • inno89inno89 Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    Jimmy just FYI, I'm a 3rd-year student now, lol. It's probably the exact same system as I had two years ago though.

    pitbulls, you probably won't have many problems then with your English department classes since this is a science/engineering school. However with my experience, my humanities and language classes in Asian studies filled fast and I registered as soon as I can, but then again I don't know about the English department. You don't have to meet the department head as sugababe did unless you want to ask many questions about the program which is always a good thing, but go ahead if you would like to. If you look at your majors criteria here and the classes you need to take, and plan out your schedule, you're mostly set. A word of advice: Do NOT blindly follow the "sample schedule" that they include in there, follow your own schedule by just looking at the classes you need, see what is being offered and tailor it to your current and future needs. For humanities majors, this really doesn't matter as much for you guys as you have a wide variety of choices of classes to take that meet your major requirements at many times throughout your college career. This is different for science/engineering majors where some classes have I and II components (where the I class will be offered in the fall only and the II class in the spring, only,) and where many classes have prerequisite courses that each have their own prerequisites and so on and so on, so you must plan out well! I can especially observe this difference when I'm selecting and planning classes for each of my majors (Chemistry and Asian Studies[Japanese conc.]), but the bottom line still is to plan ahead still.

    pitbulls, I'm pretty sure you are split up that time. I remember when I had that I didn't see any parents around, just the advisor people and the student.

    If you guys have any more questions, please feel free to ask and I'll try to answer them all in a timely fashion :).
  • Tbellx12Tbellx12 Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    Quick question, for later orientations, (mine's july 17th) will the advisors have your AP scores already even if you didn't receive them by mail yet? ( I chose to send my scores to stony when I sat for this years exams) In other words, does collegeboard send your scores to respective colleges on July 1st?
  • inno89inno89 Registered User Posts: 48 Junior Member
    Mine was around july 17th too and they had mine and everyone elses AP scores ready there. Theres a guy on a table in the lobby with a packet that lists everyone and their respective AP scores.
  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Orientation went really good. I was lucky and had an awesome advisor who helped me pick everything out. She had lists of what classes were still open so that was a big help. I had pretty good choices but the times suck- I am going 5 days a week now and I did like the Friday off thing I had at my other college. Guess that is not happening this semester. Otherwise it was very helpful, the campus looked great and everyone was very nice.
  • sbuadmissionssbuadmissions College Rep Posts: 1,998 Senior Member
    Liking all these happy reviews coming out of Orientation so far!

  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Yes, Chris, orientation ended up being great- and I was all worried for nothing!!! My mother went to the parent part and she loved that as well. They kept her in one room the entire day and she was a little nervous about that but she said the program was great and very informative. We will both fill out the surveys they said are coming about our orientation experience and of course we will give it positive comments! Now I am getting excited for Experience Stony Brook in August and starting classes. And the best thing is I AM DONE WITH MATH and didn't need to take any math classes!!
  • Tbellx12Tbellx12 Registered User Posts: 122 Junior Member
    Just to be sure..Chris, Stony will have our AP scores after July 1st right? If I call sb before orientation and ask will they read off my scores?
  • sbuadmissionssbuadmissions College Rep Posts: 1,998 Senior Member
    We should have them, yes. However... and this is my guideline for any of you who haven't been to Orientation yet:

    BRING COPIES OF EVERYTHING. AP scores, any college transcripts you may have, your health records, proof of high school graduation, etc. Stick 'em in a folder and bring it. On the off chance that something's not here, or not filed correctly, you'll have a copy you can provide. The vast majority of you won't need any of the stuff, but it doesn't hurt to have it with you.

  • pitbulls3pitbulls3 Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    Oh, yes, Chris, you are SO right about that!!!! I sent my final college transcript from this May, my HS transcript (as I was being excused from the foreign language requirement because I earned over an 85 on a HS NY state Regents exam and this was my proof) and all my health forms. Well, when I got to the orientation I saw that my entire last semester at college was not transferred over- because they never did receive the transcript I had Suffolk CC send. Fortunately I brought with me sealed copies of the college and HS transcripts and a copy of my health form- just incase. My advisor was able to open the college transcript envelope and enter all those courses right onto my worksheet! That's a very important point to bring all that with you- you never know!!!
  • aupamplemousseaupamplemousse Registered User Posts: 42 Junior Member
    Do the planning advisers at orientation just help you figure out what classes you should take, or do they register you for classes right then and there? I want to be able to talk to my older friends/look at ratemyprofessors before choosing teachers/sections, but I don't want to be like "Sorry I need to ask people other than you" to the advisor.
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