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Do I have a chance at being admitted into Swarthmore?

avgaoavgao 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
My stats:
gpa: 3.8
sat: 1290 (I'm awaiting my score for the most recent one I've taken and may plan on taking it again in October as I didnt study at all for my first one)
AP world: 3
AP psych: 4
I will be taking 2 more APs in my senior year and will have taken 5 out of the 7 AP classes that my school offers.

I am Hispanic but come from a relatively wealthy neighborhood located in NY.

I plan on applying early decision and will submit an art portfolio along with my application.
I volunteer at a cancer hospital 2 hours away from my home 3 days a week and I am the secretary for my school's community service club.

I am aware that my stats are not typical for the average swarthmore student but I'm hoping by some act of God that I get accepted because this really is my dream school.

Is it worth it to apply or would I be wasting my time?
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Replies to: Do I have a chance at being admitted into Swarthmore?

  • International DadInternational Dad 299 replies7 threadsRegistered User Member
    If Swarthmore is your dream school, and you know that you need good scores, why You didn't study at all for your SAT?
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  • squ1rrelsqu1rrel 368 replies25 threadsRegistered User Member
    @International Dad I'm sure he studied for the SAT...it's more difficult than some people. I wouldn't assume.
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  • avgaoavgao 1 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Honestly I admit that it was a mistake not to, and I did intend to study but I was dealing with some family issues at the time that got in the way, and I was having trouble juggling the two. I know that there's no excuses which is why I studied for the August one and plan to study for the test in October if I plan on taking it.
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