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Chances at Newhouse/Maxwell in 2018/1019

NorthEastern22NorthEastern22 9 replies5 threads New Member
Chances at Syracuse University, NY and Penn State Main Campus, PA in 2 years.
I need mid-high financial aid let me know if I might qualify in 2 years.

Entering my Junior year this fall. I have not taken the SAT’s or ACT’S. Let me know what scores I should settle for once I take them this fall. I realize I haven’t finished Junior or Senior so I lack a lot of grades and an SAT score. Assume I am still a B+/A student. Give me any advice/info you can as of right now. Thanks!

Born in Syracuse, parent attended Syracuse University. Planning on getting an interview to beef up my application.

Majors: Journalism/Political Science


Freshmen Year: *Note: My school only offers 1 AP class freshmen year*
CP American History I- A
Accounting I- B
Honors Biology I-B
Honors English and Composition I-B
Honors Spanish I-B
Algebra I- A
Health/Gym- B,B (Online)
UW GPA: 3.28
W GPA: 3.54

Sophomore Year:
Honors Chemistry-B
Honors Spanish II-B
AP U.S. History-A (5 on exam)
Service Learning/Photography-A, A (half year classes) Note:*Service Learning is a program where you are basically a student teacher for half a year*
Honors English II-A
Algebra II-A
UW GPA: 3.66
W GPA: 4.26

End of Freshmen and Sophomore UW GPA: 3.47
End of Freshmen and Sophomore W GPA: 3.87

Junior Year: *Note: Entering Junior Year this fall* *Predictions at worst*
*AP Language and Composition I-B
*AP Psychology-A
*IB History of the Americas-A
*IB Spanish-B
*IB Biology-B

*Example UW GPA*: 3.6
*Example W GPA*: 4.5

*Example End of Junior UW GPA*: 3.5
*Example End of Junior W GPA*: 4.1

DeMolay- Youth Organization for males age 12-21. Led my local Chapter as an Elected Master Councilor. Basically I was elected by my peers (roughly 30 members) to schedule and execute a 6 month term. Included hours of community service. I was also a State Officer for PA DeMolay for 3 years as of now. I helped lead at least hundred members from chapters all of PA DeMolay looks very good on a scholarship especially if you take a leadership role like myself (from what I hear). DeMolay is involved with the Masons, Rainbow, Job's Daughters, and Eastern Star. It is a good connection with a member of those groups.

Varsity Tennis-Sophomore Year. *Expecting to be Captain next year*

Club Soccer-Freshman Year (then took on Tennis)

DeMolay RD Finalists- I was a finalists for the Representative DeMolay award. You fill out a 32 page application with questions about yourself. The RD Board picks a handful of finalists for interviews.

DeMolay Chevalier- An award given to someone at least 17 years old in DeMolay for distinguished service to the organization. Similar to an Eagle Scout.

NHS- (member as of now)

Link Leader- Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to give lessons to incoming freshmen during the summer. We also give tours of the school a couple of weeks before school starts. Throughout the first half of the year we give lessons to Freshmen on Leadership, Grades etc….

AV Club- Sophomore year

Spanish Club- Junior Year/Senior Year

NSHS: Hoping to get into the Spanish NHS this year

Ping Pong Club- Sophomore year

Student Government- Junior/Senior

Camera Club- Sophomore, Junior, Senior

Chemistry Club- Sophomore, Junior, Senior

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