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Current students! Tell me about the weather

groovinhardgroovinhard 563 replies27 threads Member
edited March 2007 in Syracuse University
So, Syracuse seems like a pretty awesome school. It's got interesting programs in music industry, an amazing journalism school...basically, I'm hella interested. The only problem? The weather! I know, I know, stupid, right? But I can't stand the cold. I'm from the Mid-Atlantic, and when it drops to 40 I'm absolutely miserable. Perhaps this is because I never really invested in any appropriate clothes, as here you can get by with just a sweatshirt year round if you're willing to be uncomfortable some days. But I'm still worried.

Any current students from warmer states finding it difficult to adjust to the winter weather? Is "all snow all the time" depressing? Or is it jolly and holiday-ish? Do people like to go sledding and build snowmen, or is it just so cold they hole themselves up in their rooms/library/frathouses? I'm serious here. I'm a warm-weather mammal, but maybe I can adjust, especially if the weather doesn't kill the good vibes.
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Replies to: Current students! Tell me about the weather

  • ftballfreak880ftballfreak880 31 replies15 threads Junior Member
    well i can't speak for syracuse, but i'm from northern nj where it gets quite cold in the winter. but personally, i love the cold. it's so much fun when it snows and I definitely think it's easier to adapt to than the heat, because when its cold, u can wear as much clothes as necessary but in the summer there's nothin u can do when it's too hot...anyway, the point i'm trying to make is that winter can be fun and once you get used to it you'll be fine
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  • taxguytaxguy 6244 replies385 threads Senior Member
    If you hate cold weather and want music and communications: why arern't you looking into University of Maryland? You live in the Mid-Atlantic too, right? Are you from Maryland?

    If you are from Virginia, there are many top notch schools in Virginia too.

    By the way, I am not knocking Syracuse, which is a fine school. However, from your post, I am not sure that Syracuse would be the right school for you, especially when there are good programs in your design major right by your own doorstep that are a lot less expensive.
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  • groovinhardgroovinhard 563 replies27 threads Member
    I am looking into Maryland...in fact, it's near the top of my list (basketball schools > football schools ;)). I just can't help but want to get out of here, though :P. Plus, Newhouse's journalism and film program impressed me (whereas UMD is a little light on film) and then #2 I'm very interested in the Bandier Program for Music and the Entertainment Industries, for which Maryland doesn't seem to have an equivalent. I'm fairly confident I can get a scholarship at Syracuse that will make it affordable for me, too, so it comes down mostly to the environment, weather, and how serious I am about my other academic interests besides journalism.
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  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 4404 replies115 threads Senior Member
    Syracuse arguably has the worst weather of any large city in the United States. Syracuse is the snowiest city of 100,000 people or more in the nation, averaging over 120 inches of the white stuff per year. It also is up there for having more overcast days of any other city.

    Personally, I love that kind of weather. But if it is going to bum you out you really need to consider these facts...
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  • MSMDADMSMDAD 812 replies58 threads Member
    If you can't stand the cold, don't even think about going to SU. If, however, you think that you can adapt, as many students do, then it is a wonderful school. I must say that when I was there, my body adapted to the cold. To the point that when the temperature got into the 40s, which usually happened in April, I was out in short sleeves.
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  • Threekids'kidThreekids'kid 313 replies14 threads Member
    I'm from Fl and I'm one of those people whose mood matches the weather. Basically clouds in the sky are clouds in my head. But if you stay busy, and dress right, you can make your own sunshine. We get maybe a few hours of sun a week (I see a patch of blue out my window now) but u learn to adapt really quickly. Plus there are enough breaks that I know I'll be back on a florida beach soon enough. It didn't start snowing in earnest until very recently, and we really havent had much. Personally I like it better when it snows- makes the cold worthwhile. The weather is not as awful as they make it out to be. You just learn to deal.
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  • melosyracusemelosyracuse 655 replies8 threads Member
    ok i, unlike 3kids, am a bitter soul. its always gloomy out and when it rains it SLAPS you in the face. u cant escape the rain and the gloom. all u can do is wait until the sun comes out.
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  • rock_onrock_on 11 replies8 threads New Member
    I'm from southern New Hampshire and I'm assuming the weather is gonna be pretty much the same. Does anybody know if this is true
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  • Cuse0507Cuse0507 4404 replies115 threads Senior Member
    Syracuse is probably a lot snowier than most places in New Hampshire due to the LES that it gets from Lake Ontario.
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  • CollegeDirtCollegeDirt 27 replies2 threads New Member
    When we visited the school in February for an audition, we called ahead, because of school closings in DC. The admissions people laughed and said, "With the 9 months of winter you get in Syracuse, we never ever close for snow". Mentioned the Great Lake effect causes much more snow (and overcast skies) then most parts of U.S.
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