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Seeking advice from SU Alumni or current students

Cuse_nerdCuse_nerd Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
edited May 2008 in Syracuse University
I'm going to be a Newhouse Newspaper major and am planning on being really involved with the Daily Orange. Really, really involved. In the last couple of weeks the whole random, no survey roomate thing has started to freak me out and I was considering joining the LEAD learning community. I think it would be a good way to meet people and form relationships with the people I'd be seeing everyday. Im just wondering how much time I would need to commit to a LC. I know there's a class, but thats not too big of a deal. I'm just wondering if it would take away from my time at the paper? Any info you have on LC's in general would be great, thanks!
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Replies to: Seeking advice from SU Alumni or current students

  • samsmomsamsmom Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    I cannot help you with the learning community time commitment, however my daughter has a good friend who is very active in the Daily Orange, she does some writing, some editing and she is there 5 nights a week from 7pm-2am, sometimes even as late as 4am!!! It is a huge commitment to be on the paper!! Good luck!
  • Cuse_nerdCuse_nerd Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    Thanks for your input, it has helped a lot. :) Im starting to think that there just won't be enough time to be involved in a learning community.
  • skilskil Registered User Posts: 2 New Member
    I am also in Newhouse Fall 2008 (TRF) and wanted to know if there were any LC's that would not conflict with the TRF workloads and my desire to work in the Radio station. I am also concerned with the random housing assignments!!
  • FreezenthawFreezenthaw Registered User Posts: 316 Member
    how can I get involved with the paper? Do I need to be of a particular caliber of student/writer or can I just walk up the first day and sign up?
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    skil: In the same boat as you; my D... cannot find any learning communities that are really appropriate for Newhouse kids...even the creative non-fiction one says that Newhouse students need special advising....Yes, we too are VERY concerned with the random housing assignments for reasons that I do not want to reveal on CC (PM me if you are curious)...
    but I think a private school with this price tag should have a better housing system...It operates like a SUNY (even at Binghamton you can request a certain area for housing)....
  • samsmomsamsmom Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    When you arrive at the school in August they will have a bunch of booths in the quad. Some will be bank info, some school info, and that is where you sign up to work on the paper. Other clubs have sign ups a a bit later, but there are generally a few days in which to do it, plus you will get TONS of e-mails about these things as well.

    As for learning communities, there are quite a few of them, but you may or may not be accepted into them. You have to fill out a form, answer a few questions as to why you want to be part of the group, and then keep your fingers crossed!! Certain groups are allotted space in different dorms and sometimes they run out of room and not everyone will get into the LC's that they want. I know my own daughter wanted to get into the photo one for next year but she did not get in, and was pretty bummed.

    As for the random housing, it also did not work out well for my daughter, she talked to many people to get it corrected, and it took months... but she followed their instructions. If your son/daughter has a horrible roommate situation, have them talk immediately to their RA, and then housing. If they are okay to move within their own building their RA is the one to do it, but if they want to move to a different building they have to go through a big housing ordeal. She did that big ordeal and nothing was happening, and after a very long wait they told her tough luck. She finally went to the housing office in person and they helped her immediately and she was out of her old room in just a few days!! I strongly recommend visiting housing in person if you have issues!! Good luck to all you incoming freshmen!
  • Threekids'kidThreekids'kid Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    Little tip: The housing office can be short-tempered. One sure fire way to get them angry is to have a parent call for his/her S/D. College students are expected to solve these things themselves.

    I understand that special circumstances can make housing difficult and worrisome. If you have special issues, it's great to plan ahead and maybe even fret a bit.

    If you're just worried your roomie will be a dud, don't be. Don't let this stuff freak you out. Random housing can be a very good experience and it teaches you to branch out.

    LCs don't take too much time. In fact, it's probably the easiest thing you can do while working for the DO. Great commitment, Cuse Nerd. Do you know what you're in for, though?
  • samsmomsamsmom Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member

    I actually did have to call housing. My daughter first contacted them in October, and by mid-Feb after filling out forms, and numerous e-mails between them they told her "tough luck" Now my daughter is not much of a complainer, but she was one who was being "sexiled" I guess the term is, and awaking in the middle of the night to it and kind of being stuck in that situation... But when I called them I let them know that being told "tough luck" was not an option for her situation, especially since she had followed their instructions and had been waiting for so long. They asked for her phone number and called, but after that it was back in her court. I as a parent did not want to get involved, but since she had done everything as housing had instructed and had been blown off by them and they had become unresponsive to her e-mails something had to be done... and I guess since as parents we have the check-writing capabilities my calling at least got her to be listened to. Once she spoke to the person in housing in person they firmly agreed she needed to be moved ASAP. Sometimes it bugs me that the "nice" kid has to be the one to go through all that crap, and the kid causing the room issues gets to continue acting inappropriately, but I guess that is a life lesson.

    I agree that the student should definitely try to solve these issues on their own before looking for backup!
  • Cuse_nerdCuse_nerd Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    Yeah, I've heard that working at the D.O. will keep you five nights a week, usually till 2 or 3 AM. But to me, that is a small token to pay to get a great job after college. It's just such a small trade-off. Be exhausted for four years of my life and then go on to a great job. I'll do whatever it takes to get experience, being successful in this field after graduation means so much to me. So thanks for the advice Threekid's kid. You've helped me a ton, now im def. going to do the learning community. It was something I really wanted to be involved in, but like I said before, newspaper experience comes first.
  • Threekids'kidThreekids'kid Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    Samsmon- What an awful situation! I absolutely agree with what you did. I only meant that others reading your post shouldn't get worried. You have reason to fret, most people don't.

    Cuse__Nerd- Working at the DO will start your second sem, if you're lucky. They're desperate for office workers now. I got an offer for Featch copy, but I just can't see myself doing it. But it's killing me that I can't, because you're right, it's the best experience you'll get. DO kids say they're not paying to go to college, they're paying for the chance to work at the DO. Gl! What section interests you? Any chance it's feature? We really need dedicated feature people!
  • Cuse_nerdCuse_nerd Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    I'm willing to write anything! So are you involved with the DO, Threekids'kid?
  • Threekids'kidThreekids'kid Registered User Posts: 327 Member
    To write or edit? You can write as soon as you show up, if you want.
    Writers don't need to be in the office except for when they get "read" (you turn in your story at 7, then come to the office where an editor will read it, mess with it a bit, and talk to you about strengths and weaknesses). I'm a theater beat writer. I haven't done a lot, but I like it, and I know it will help me in the future.
    Just turned down an offer to work in the office. I just don't think I can change my lifestyle that much. Plus, I already got chosen to be a NH peer adviser, so even if I quit everything else, that would interfere.
    Please come help us out in feature. We have 0 editors right now (they got promoted, went abroad, took different sections).
    And once again, love the enthusiasm.
  • haekimhaekim Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    What duties does office work include?

    I'd love to be a part of the DO, but I just hope it won't interfere with academics because of the huge commitment. Any suggestions?
  • FreezenthawFreezenthaw Registered User Posts: 316 Member
    and how would you qualify for office work?
  • Cuse_nerdCuse_nerd Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    Trust me, I'll give you all the help I can possibly give. :) I can't express enough how much I am looking forward to the hands-on experience that the DO offers. I want to be as involved as I can be! It's just as much as a priority as my academics. Haekim, I'm also curious about how much the DO does interfere with academics. I know it's a big commitment but it'll pay off in the end.
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