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pros/cons of syracuse?

lovesthepantslovesthepants Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
edited March 2009 in Syracuse University
I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews about syracuse university and as the moment where us RD kids find out whether or not we got in gets closer and closer, i want to know if syracuse is really worth it. What's really great about? What's... not so great about it? It'd especially be great to get current syracuse university students input on that.

NOTE: i've never been to syracuse, or new york, or anywhere outside of california so i really am completely oblivious to how it must be out there.
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Replies to: pros/cons of syracuse?

  • ca2009ca2009 Registered User Posts: 56 Junior Member
    I'd like to add another question onto this discussion board for current SU students. When I visited last March I loved it. The only problem is that it was during spring break when I visited so I didn't get to see what the students are like (apart from my student tour guide, who I don't think I can use as a fair paradigm of the typical SU student).

    That said, what are the students at SU like? If possible, are there other schools you can mention that have a similar student body to the one at SU?
  • rhetzrhetz Registered User Posts: 32 Junior Member
    Okkkayyyy. I do not attend Syracuse but I go to high school in Syracuse and have a bout three hundred friends who go there.

    First things first: Winter sucks. It lasts forever and if you make it out alive... more power to you.

    The campus is in the city and the city is pretty dead. There are a few bars and clubs but most of them are 21 and over. There are a few dance clubs that are pretty legit but other than that I'd say night life is a bust. However, there are a lot of parties and the greek life is present on campus. Marshall street, the main "campus" street is filled with lots of awesome shops, some coffee places and little diners that have been around forever.

    The students range from awesome to total ass like any other school. I've ran into more than enough snotty rich girls from long island going their on daddy's bill but you can meet some amazing, hardworking and genuine people.

    Overall, Syracuse is a great school. One of the better ones on the East Coast. But be warned, the location is not the best and you'll be picking one of the coldest and grayest places to live. The schools comes alive during basketball season but other than that it can be a bit large and overwhelming. I'm sure living here for 18 years sways my viewpoint a bit so take all of this with a grain of salt.... but make sure you get to visit for a weekend. Maybe stay overnight too before you commit to such an expensive school.

    If you have any more questions I'll be more than happy to help you!
  • IlluSUIlluSU Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    I personally feel that the weather here is overrated. I suppose you don't know what the weather in northeast is like but I'm from the northeast and the winter in SU is not much different from the weather at home. It just happens to be a bit colder and a little bit longer. You have to realize, about 10,000 students go here, and if the weather was THAT bad, they would not stay, including myself.
    I will be an RA next here and I love the dorm life. I would not trade it for anything else.
    As for greek life, if you are into that, you'll be more than happy. If not, you'll still find plenty of people who share the same beliefs.
    Thus far, I love everything that SU has offered me and I hope that it will continue this way. I don't see how it will change in a negative way.
    As many others will tell you, college life is what you make of it. Regardless of how great the school is, if you have a negative mindset, it'll never be great. I hope that you'll have a positive mindset if you ever decide to come to SU or any other college in general.
  • ThreekidsThreekids Registered User Posts: 407 Member
    If you read the two prior posts, they nailed it! I have a daughter who is a junior at SU, and I think she would say the same things. Coming from a climate like ours (Florida), it is a big adjustment. Not as much the weather as the constant grayness. It can be depressing. Trips home for winter and spring break help. But, college is what you make it. There are a lot of privileged students, and many students from NYC, but you'll find your own way to your friends. Keep an open mind.
  • House of LondonHouse of London - Posts: 1,268 Senior Member
    Ok Here are my viewpoints on Syracuse University.

    +Greek life is pretty heavy here. Get ready to see a lot of apparels with greek letters
    +Has a well know reputation nationwide and internationally
    +The city outside Syracuse is pretty boring especially if you're coming from the true city of New York which is Manhattan/Brooklyn/Bronx. But the many activities available on campus compensates for that and there is almost no need to leave campus for fun.
    +Academics are tough especially in the Engineering school, Newhouse & Whitman. Be prepared to work your butte off.
    +Parties can get pretty addictive.
    +At Syracuse or any other college, you will be reminded every waking moment about the importance of time management. Only the reminder wouldn't come from an actual person, rather when you receive poor grades and then process why you receive that type of grade and in most cases, it is because of lack of time management and maybe even task management.
    +Syracuse is always having an event; be it basketball game, Greek party, concert, or forums. It is up to you to be wise and network because there a few famous people that come up to the events. i.e Cornel West & Ishmael Beah,.
    +Most dorms are great as far as maintenance goes but some of them such as Sadler & Lawrinson hall sucks because of location.
    +MSP (Multicultural spring program) would probably convince you to come because it did for many. Realize that MSP isn't an accurate reflection of the University. You will learn more on the program if admitted into the University.

    I personally find flaws with the University but love it and hold it close to my heart as well so.
  • lovesthepantslovesthepants Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    wow. thanks everyone who responded! it was really helpful.
    im def. a winter girl but i live in CA so the winter i know must be nothing compared to syracuse winter. haha & im definetly gonna visit syracuse over spring break... if i get in that is. yikesssss.
  • mamstermamster Registered User Posts: 51 Junior Member
    SU's student body is similar to that at Tulane and University of Miami--a lot of spoiled Italian and Jewish kids from New Jersey, NYC, and Long Island and that is the dominant culture. If you come from somewhere with a distinctly different vibe--the midwest, the South, you may or may not like it. That said, the campus does have a very diverse student body, so there should be something for everyone.
  • Rex08Rex08 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    Anyone have any input on the financial aid?? I suppose the cost would fall under a con...
  • IlluSUIlluSU Registered User Posts: 101 Junior Member
    Without SU's financial aid package, I would not be here. I didn't apply to too many schools but from the ones that I was accepted (mostly northeast schools, NYU, BU, BC, GWU, etc) SU offered the best financial aid package by far. With the scholarship, grants, and need-aid, I only pay a fraction of the $45,000 - $50,000.
  • House of LondonHouse of London - Posts: 1,268 Senior Member
    Tuition this year is now $50,570. Just a heads up. Not trying to burst anybody's bubble.
  • researchmavenresearchmaven Registered User Posts: 875 Member
    No, tuition is not over $50,000 this year. The figure you referenced is for tuition, room and board. It's important to make that distinction.
  • rodneyrodney Registered User Posts: 9,406 Senior Member
    mamster: definitely a stereotype....true, there are a large number of students from those populations...and it may seem like a majority, but from what I have seen (D is a freshman), you would not feel uncomfortable being from outside NY, NJ etc....her closest friends include students from the midwest, PR and Europe, and they are very happy at the school....SU still gets the rep, but you have to be there to see it....and according to FA, 70% of students receive it....that leaves obviously 30% full pay? but what about the merit kids? that 70% number is a little low....

    The most amazing thing about the school IMO, and this can be a positive or negative, is the academic range of students who ultimately attend.....it's truly all over the board......
  • DavidB1990DavidB1990 Registered User Posts: 289 Junior Member
    i got accepted as a transfere. there was no scholarship money involved in the actual acceptance letter. i have good grades in high school (90 avg) and 3.5 college gpa. is the scholarship money awarded at the same time that i get my financial aid package?
  • Rex08Rex08 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    I agree that the 70% seems low for a school who has tuition above 30k. Granted, that's where a lot of schools are at this point...

    I second the question about whether or not FA awards scholarships with the acceptance letter? The other schools that I received merit to did not, though.
  • ZenbadabingZenbadabing Registered User Posts: 931 Member
    Illsu, can you please tell me your EFC and total fin aid package so I can get a sense of how generous my fin aid package is relative to other families with somewhat similar incomes?

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