1 C, but I ED Dartmouth

Right now it’s a week before finals week and I have a 80.54 in my class, but I’m not confident of maintaining it. I’m probably going to get a C for the class, but I have a legitimate reason which is that I had sports for 6th and the teacher only had 5th period for AP econ and I needed that class for my major. Will that C affect my admission to Dartmouth which I ED.

Yes, it’s the kiss of death to your application to any competitive college.

Dartmouth wont even see these grades until after they make the ED decision. 1 C won’t get you rescinded. That said, do your best to bring that grade up. Sports isn’t a “legitimate” reason for doing poorly. That isn’t going to fly anywhere. Academics first!

@GoldPenn – If DartmouthEd is admitted on the 12th when the ED decisions come out, do we really think a “C” that is subsequently disclosed to Dartmouth will cause a revocation of the acceptance? Seems the timing on the notice here to Dartmouth is perhaps highly relevant.

So when is Dartmouth ED going to come out? Do you happen to know @Hopper2019

Mid December.

If you did ED, then they will have already made their decision before mid-year grades get sent out. They won’t be able to see the C you got before they admit or reject you unless you get deferred. If you get admitted, they likely won’t rescind your acceptance because of 1 C anyway.

Another poster says he/she called Admissions and they said late afternoon on the 12th. Aligns with past year release dates.

Thank you everyone!

Excuse seems nutty.

Alright so it’s been a week and I retained my B. Dartmouth decision coming out tomorrow. Wish me luck!