11:59 Dec. 31st or 11:59 Jan. 1st???

This is probably the dumbest thing I have ever asked, but if an application is due Jan 1st on common app, which is it??

I wanna know for sure too. But its most definitely Jan 1st…lol…Go Procastination!

NOTE: Common app’s rule is that the time is YOUR timezone, not the school’s timezone. http://admissions.ozarks.edu/academics/majors/rtv/courses.asp

January 1st 11:59 pm, your time zone.

thanks pals that would be really good if its due tomorrow night and not tonight!!! but if i dont get into college because i submit my stuff tomorrow its your fault

They won’t review your application on January 1st. They might start later or so. Probably January 5, 2016 is when they will start reading.

Why not submit it right now???

Procrastination @bjkmom

That was the explanation in early November.

Now it’s just spitting in the wind.

oops wrong link above- here is the right one https://appsupport.commonapp.org/link/portal/33011/33013/Article/35/Where-can-I-find-information-about-college-deadlines

But I agree. Schools might , or should look at when apps are submitted, IMO.

My D submitted several apps last minute, simply because she has been soooo busy with school work. However she submitted all her recs and test scores a couple of months ago. So a late app doesn’t always mean lack of interest.

Most every senior is sooo busy with school work, and other responsibilities/EC’s/jobs, etc. They still get their apps in in a timely fashion. Time management is an important skill for college success.

@jym626 , there is a deadline for a reason. I seriously doubt she is going to be penalized for submitting before the deadline. She also arranged 8 interviews, visits, etc… And you know nothing about her stats or her time management skills. She applied to twelve colleges, and wrote many supplemental essays. Your comment isn’t helpful. She is an excellent student who is also very busy and submitted her applications on time. What’s your problem?

^^Some students are also perfectionists. I was done with filing in my apps my early November. And since then I’ve been perfecting my essays(Changing phrases/words).

Lindagaf. They do have the capability of looking at when apps are submitted. Colleges use big data in their review process. What she did was probably also accomplished by many other students. No need to be so hostile.

Deadlines are there for a reason. You either get your application in before the deadline which, in this case, could be 11:58 pm tonight or you miss the deadline and don’t get to apply to that school. There might be some schools who care whether the application was filed November 15 vs. January 1st but generally I don’t think that is how they are making their decisions (unless rolling admission). I remember a friend ranting about having to drive his kid into Manhattan to get to the U.S. Post Office at 33rd and 8th Avenue before midnight on the day that applications were due in the days before this was all done by computer. Kid got into Harvard and Princeton.

Well jym626, luckily they will see that her application is on time. And that she interviewed, submitted other info weeks ahead of schedule, and submitted essays that she put hours and hours of time and thought into. I am not worried that her apps were submitted close to the deadline. It’s no different from submitting an assignment before the due date. Plenty of students will also submit apps at the last minute with essays that were clearly written in a hurry with no thought or care. Maybe she will get in, maybe she won’t, but she sure wasn’t going to submit anything she wasn’t happy with. Many kids are on the fence about a school, or think that submitting an app could be a waste of money they don’t readily have. Other studetns are waiting for test scores to come in. There are dozens of very good reasons why students submit apps late in the game. I would like to hear from any other CCers that think submitting an app close to the deadline is a problem. Personally, I only think it is a problem if they fail to get the rest of the materials submitted in time. Evn then, I understsnd colleges will accept late supplemental materials.

*The OP asked a simple question. They were not asking for nor did they require advice, lectures and criticism on time management or other topics. The other poster is also perfectly correct. It only needs to be in by the deadline; one week before or one hour before or one minute before is irrelevant to all but the student and their family.

Added Jan 2: There are 1,000 legit reasons for last minute applications, not the least of which is that the colleges themselves continue to send literature and emails well into December, asking (begging, even) students to apply. It would be the height of hypocrisy to then turn around and penalize them for “procrastinating” or “not showing enough interest” because it was submitted Jan. X, which is their deadline. And that’s only one reason it might be “last minute”. There are hundreds more that have nothing to do with how interested they are or are not in that school. How can they (or any of us here on CC) possibly know? End of edit.

Question answered (11:59:59 Jan 1, 2016 local time), closing thread.*


This really is potentially misleading. As has been pointed out, it is easy to see if the application was submitted on time. Would a college decide not to accept an application because it was submitted after the deadline? Very, very possibly. I have certainly known profs that won’t accept an assignment submitted after midnight the day it was due, even though they had no intention of grading them until maybe even a few days later. And they are perfectly right to hold to that.