1300 SATs, OK SATIIs, Applying to Ivys- will a 35 ACT help?


<p>I am not doing too well on the SATs (1300 1st try) and I was advised to take the ACT. It seems a lot easier to me.</p>

<p>If I get a 34-36, really high score, and send it to say Princeton- will this help my chances of getting in, even due to my low SATs?</p>


<p>Naturally a 35(which is equiv. to a ~1580) will help your admission... you don't have to submit your SATs if they are lower than your ACTs, but what makes you think that you would do so much better on the ACT than you did on the SAT? ACT is easier(I think, some others don't though), but you are give alot LESS time than on the SATs...</p>

<p>Give it a try and see how you do but if you are a senior, you're running out of time! Good luck!</p>

<p>Princeton only accepts the ACT under certain conditions...it isn't really an option that people usually take. Did you study for the SAT I? Get a practice book, study like crazy, and sign up for the last test date.</p>

<p>Oh, and are you an athlete? If you're recruited, that's okay, but if you're trying to get in on strength of academics, you'll need to pull that up a little (unless you've done some massive research at a university or published a book or something).</p>

<p>Princeton is the only one who doesn't prefer the ACT; it's fine at other Ivies.</p>