2026 BFA Prescreen Results

No, but they do aim for a class of 18-20

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Thank you so so much!

Any word from Umich MT anyone?

No, but if last year is an indicator, they will start making calls on Friday.

I think there’s a way you can go on their instagram and see if they started following anyone in recent weeks. lol

The other thread mentioned Michigan phone calls have already started

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it is an unverified rumor

Ok I’m just saying that someone said they were making calls.

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you are correct! i just added that piece in case anyone was tearing their hair out about not getting a call!!

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Any word right now, I heard they usually send out results or make calls on a Friday

There’s been confirmation of at least 3 boys called yesterday by the way.

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How do u know?

Posted on private coaching pages

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Do you know if they are going to be finishing out the calls by today?

And also thank you for sharing this information, sorry if I sound abrasive or rude.


we get it!!

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We’re all anxiouly waiting, keep refreshing the portal :slight_smile:

I saw one posted also.

No problem- I have no intel on that sorry!

Seems all the calls and waitlists were notified and portals updated.