2180 SAT (650 Reading)

<p>How badly will this hurt me (I'm Asian btw)?
My scores are : 770 W, 760 M, and 650 Reading.
I'm planning to apply to all the ivy leagues, however my reading is not within the mid 50th percentile for all the ivy leagues except Cornell.
Thoughts? There's not much I can do at this point since I'm a senior.</p>

<p>CR is the most important score......given your competitive pool, you'll need something they really want to overcome a 650.</p>

<p>Apply to all the Ivys? There are some slight differences among them, you know.</p>

<p>^ What do you mean Gekkoman?

<p>Meaning you shouldn't apply to a college just because it's an ivy league. If you don't understand how each Ivy is different, you're an ignoramus.</p>

<p>try the ACT? ACT reading section has a diff feel to it. I got 700 in cr the first time i took it and 640 the 2nd time. got a perfect score on the act. got into an ivy league</p>

<p>I do understand how each Ivy is different, and honestly I could care less. I want to go to a top school that could provide me with great opportunities, which is what all the ivy league schools are capable of doing. Either way, why would I want to limit myself by applying to only a few of them? I might as well apply to all and hope that I could get accepted by one. </p>

<p>Bigreddawgie, I've taken the ACT three times and the highest I could get was a 29 :/. Either way, most top schools won't accept the February ACT test. </p>

<p>As of now, I could take the January SAT, but I rather take my subject tests instead since my scores suck (720 Math level 1, 600 Bio).</p>