2240 SAT vs 31 ACT

<p>Should I even send my ACT score to any of the schools I'm applying to?</p>


<p>depends on the breakdowns of your SAT and ACT....</p>

<p>Your SAT is much better than your ACT. I'd say just send the SAT (unless you got 640 CR 800 M 800 W, in which case your SAT might be weaker at schools that don't consider the Writing).</p>

<p>I got 720 CR 780 M 740 W, but I don't know the breakdown of my ACT... never payed much attention to the test in general. Just showed up, took it, and looked at the number 31 a few weeks later. I put a little more effort into my SAT</p>

<p>send in the SAT.
1500/1600 is good enough for any school that doesn't look at writing and your SAT is alot better than your ACT.</p>