3.0 Gpa and 23 ACT-Where can i go?

<p>im a white male who goes to a school in los angeles. my gpa is 3.0 right now, and my act is a 23. I have already lettered in 2 varsity sports. I do alot of community work, and volunteering(4-5 hours a week), i also hold a small job that doesnt pay that well at all.</p>

<p>The schools im thinking of are</p>

<p>cal states:
san francisco
san diego</p>

uc riverside
university of kansas
university of arizona
hofstra(they contacted me by mail)
st johns also</p>

<p>also does anyone have other schools i should apply to</p>

<p>I am sorry I can’t help more, I am looking at very different schools then you for the most part. But I saw nobody respond so I thought I would respond regarding the one school I am familiar with. Pomona is unrealistic, it is basically an ivy of LAC’s and will be a reach for most applicants. From my understanding of your stats you will be applying to good schools, but not ones that are so competitive that you really need to look beyond the basic stats for the most part. Go to College Board, start looking up the colleges you are interested in, if your numbers fall in the averages for accepted students it is a match.</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>Pomona is out of the question, if you really want to try I guess you can but it is very very very unlikely. UCSD will be a huge reach. Otherwise, listen to the previous poster he/she is correct: look up the stats of these schools on collegeboard or naviance to understand where you fall in terms of match reach safety.</p>

<p>Cal Poly Pomona may well be viable, with some work - Note, the OP did not list Pomona College. Yes, they are quite different…Like UPenn and PennState. UCSD was similarly not mentioned as a possibility, rather, he listed SDSU (Cal State at San Diego).
OP, try and get your scores up. Perhaps you favor the SAT? You will have choices but the higher your test scores, the better those choices will be.
Best of luck.</p>

<p>Haha. My fault, I appologize OP for that mistake. I am not entirely familiar with the system and didn’t know that cal states were different from UCs. I have to say I have no idea about any of them then!</p>

<p>does anyone know about kansas?</p>