33 year old sophomore transfer to Fordham, NYU and Hunter

<p>Long story short (kinda), I'm 33 years old and changing careers. I was an architectural drafter but got laid off twice. Now I'm majoring in Environmental Science. Here's the rub. I never went to college until now. I have a GED and my high school GPA is low (I don't know how low), about 30 hours from a community college in TN, a 3.5 GPA (college), never taken the SAT, ACT or any standardized tests. Apparently I don't need to take them since I'm over 25. Working and walking my dog are the extent of my extracurricular activities. Anyway, my wife and I are moving to the big (rotten) apple and I've applied as a transfer to NYU, Fordham, and Hunter. My wife is starting a new job at Mt. Sinai as a postdoc as a neuro-microbiologist. I applied to these schools because I'll be living off campus and don't have the ability to go anywhere I choose; these schools are close to where I'll be living. </p>

<p>I applied to these schools back in late August and haven't heard anything except for application reception letters and a thank you for paying the fees. I've noticed a few people have received their acceptance emails from Fordham and NYU and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll hear anything.
I was able to log into Fordham's my.fordham.edu site and I have an FIDN #. Does anybody know what that is? I assume it's an ID number. Does this number have any bearing on acceptance? I did the same for NYU (Albert) but all I really see there is a checklist for the things I've sent them. </p>

<p>If anybody would like to share their ideas on my chances of being accepted or tips, that would be great.</p>


<p>Well your GPA is mediocre for NYU. Typically, it's recommend to have around a 3.6 GPA from a 4 year college. Higher for community colleges. (The people that I know who attend NYU as transfers from community college all had 4.0 GPAs at their CCs). </p>

<p>But you should get into Fordham. </p>

<p>I'm assuming you applied as a winter transfer? NYU will get back to you between mid-December and mid-January. I'm not sure about Fordham.</p>