4 years undergrad at UC > then 2 years at SDSU for graduate school, good idea?

<p>Hi, I'm a high school senior right nowI'm going to major in psychology and get a bachelors degree, and I'm most likely going to do it at a UC school. However, I want to get admitted to the SDSU graduate program for Industrial Organizational psychology, do you think it's a good idea going from UC to a CSU?</p>

<p>My thought process goes like this. I want to get my undergrad degree at a UC school because there will be more research opportunities (or at least better than CSU), which will help me better prepare for graduate school as well as get into the program. I want to go to SDSU for the graduate program because of several reasons. 1) It's close to home. 2) It has my graduate program of interest, and 3) I want to stay in south california or close to san diego county when I grow older to stay close to family. I know I will get internship opportunities during my graduate program, and I think that would help me get the contacts or experience needed to get good jobs within or near san diego county.</p>

<p>Do you guys think is a good course of action for my goal? I'm a bit unsure, because I feel like if I go to a UC school, I should try to get into a more "prestigious" graduate program, whatever that means. However, I'm strongly considering SDSU because of the above reasons, and I don't think "prestige" really matters at all.</p>

<p>Sorry about that, accidental double post. Feel free to post in either thread, thanks.</p>

<p>Go to your UC for undergrad. Get great grades. Have some fun. Learn some new things. Do some research with faculty. Do some internships. Have some more fun. Stop worrying about where you will attend grad school as a high school senior. Worry about that as a Junior in college after consulting with your faculty mentors.</p>

<p>My advice would be to look at the graduate program at SDSU before you decide to enroll in anything. See if it's sufficiently funded, etc. You'd be surprised the people you find at CSUs. I met someone who did her undergrad at Pomona and was doing a masters program at CSUN. So don't knock the CSUs, just make sure to do your research into the program beforehand.</p>

<p>Haha yeah, I know it's a bit early to start thinking about graduate school, but I just like to have clear goals for my future, even if it doesn't end up working out, at least I have a plan laid out for me. But definitely, I will do my best to enjoy my undergrad years as well, and I will probably do it at a UC, depending on which ones accept me.</p>

<p>I know CSU's are good schools, I just wasn't sure if the graduate program is as good as some other schools. SDSU appeals to me because it has a MS in I/O psychology, and none of the UC's have it, so I probably won't have much of a choice, until I find some other graduate schools.</p>

<p>What are you planning on doing with an MS in i/o psych? Is there a demand for it without the Ph.D? I work with a number of people who have degrees in pysch who can barely pay back their student loans. There are a number of college grads who can't find jobs. UCSD will cost you in rising tuition. SDSU has good programs and a doable tuition. If cost is not a factor, do both. If cost is a factor, go to SDSU.</p>