911->so i took 3 subjects and i really *****ed up, now what do i do?

<p>alright so i took the spanish, lit, and math subjects and did pretty bad! i couldnt believe it, especially for lit considering i got a 4 on the AP exam last year, anyways...what do i do now? my scores were literally horrible..and i am applying to nyu, uva, emory, william and mary....places like that. I got a 590,580, and 600...i dont know what to do ...i mean i guess i was having a really bad day that day but still...my scores yikes...should i just pretend i never took them and never send them or what?</p>

<p>You can't choose what will and will not be on your SAT score report. Basically, colleges will see all your test scores from all sittings.</p>

<p>Can you study and retake at least two of those?</p>

<p>I'm in the same position...</p>

<p>crap so they are going to see them...all of them ...ah, i didnt know that was the case with the subjects oh no : ( , sigh its too late to retake</p>

<p>They will see all scores-SAT I or II, assuming these tests were taken post March 2005.</p>