A bit of help?

<p>Cancel 10 char</p>

<p>Let me get the ball rolling by saying that it is not at all beneficial if your predicted scores change from one year to the next. When you reapply to a school they won’t read your file in isolation. The admissions officer will have your previous years file in front of him as your current file. If he sees changed predicts decrease, it will have a negative impact on your application and you will most likely get rejected. If I were you I would sincerely request your counselor to keep your predicted the same as before. </p>

<p>Moreover, think about it. You had “severe extenuating circumstances.” If this is responsible for your grade drops and you and your counselor still have belief that you can get near that predicted (4-5 points would constitute this nearness) then why should your predicted change? Let it remain and work harder, having faith in your abilities.</p>

<p>I’m saying this once again. The choice is yours but I would harshly recommended against your predicted changing. As someone experienced in the college admissions process, I can say with some degree of certainty that this will cause a sure shot rejection in whichever countries you decide to apply to (especially at the top schools such as LSE that you stated). </p>

<p>Good luck mate!</p>