A Canadian's chance at top liberal arts schools

<p>I'm in my junior year right now, and here are my stats:</p>

<p>Freshman year:</p>

<p>Courses taken: Math 9, Social Studies 9, Science 9, English 9, Concert Band 9, French 9, Religion 9, P.E.</p>

<p>GPA: 90.8% </p>

<p>Sophomore year:</p>

<p>Courses taken: Accelerated Math 10/11, P.E., English 10, Religion 10, Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band II, Social Studies 10, Science 10, Intro Spanish</p>

<p>GPA: 90% (Top 10%)</p>

<p>Junior year:</p>

<p>Courses taken: Accelerated Math 11/12, Accelerated Social Studies 11/12, Accelerated English 11/12, Senior Concert Band, Jazz Band II, Physics 11, Chemistry 11, Spanish 11, Religion 11, Media Arts 11 </p>

<p>Projected GPA: 91-92% (Top 10%)</p>

<p>Our school offers four Accelerated programs, in English, Socials, Math, and Biology, and I take three of them (I opted out of Bio as I do not intend to take a route into the sciences, plus, I had no room for it without taking summer school, something I didn't want to do). AccMath begins in grade nine, but the other Acc courses only start in grade 11. The Acc courses lead into AP's, which begin at around January of grade 12. </p>


<p>1) School football team (three years)
2) Senior Concert Band (four years - solo hornist in band)
3) Jazz Band (three years - pianist)
4) Member of the Inklings (hand-selected literary society at our school, about seven members)
5) Member of the Finnigan Group (school website team)
6) 10 years of piano (finished up to grade 9, and is now purely a hobby)</p>

<p>Our school is pretty scarce in terms of clubs. There are no Model UNs or Drama Clubs, etc. Our rather small size (150 per grade), plus after-school sports teams, really hurts the ability to make clubs a vibrant part of our school. I guess I could start a club, but I'd have to wait for football to end as it takes up a helluva lotta time. I really want to start a school film festival, so that's on the shelf...</p>

<p>Academic achievements:</p>

<p>1) Awarded certificate for being in the top 25% of contestants in the Pascal (grade 9) Math Contest by the University of Waterloo</p>

<p>2) Awarded certificate for being in the top 25% of contestants in the Cayley (grade 10) Math Contest by the University of Waterloo</p>

<p>3) Member of the President Honours' Society (90%+ GPA) ever since its inception in 2003</p>

<p>4) Chosen to participate in the Middle School Speech Night in grade 9</p>

<p>Job Experience:</p>

<p>None yet</p>


<p>I have just signed on as a volunteer for my city's public library system, and I plan to volunteer for them as soon as football ends in late November/early December. I want to do this because books and literature are some of my biggest passions, and I think this reflects that well.</p>


<p>I'm going to take an AP course independently this year (leaning towards AP U.S. History), and based on some of my practice PSAT scores, I project an SAT score of around 2200-2250. My SAT II scores are impossible to predict at this point. Also this summer, I'm either going to take college courses or go abroad (like to England) to do some studies.</p>

<p>With those unknown variables in my transcript, what I mainly want to know are my weak points and how to remedy them. To me, my biggest weakness is probably my GPA, which currently stands at cumulated grade of 90.4%. I was never a grade-grubber anyway, but I'm wary of every quiz in my junior year now. </p>

<p>Types of schools I'm looking at:</p>

<p>Swarthmore, Middlebury, Amherst, Haverford, Davidson, Williams, etc.</p>

<p>Thanks for reading.</p>

<p>PS Money's no problem and I'm not looking for a scholarship. I have no legacies either.</p>

<p>I would really appreciate an answer... bump</p>