A French Question...

<p>How do you say:
"I am a 9th grader" in French? I know troisieme means 9th grade, but I don't know the format for grades...</p>


<p>To be honest, in France, there's no "set" number of years for high school, so (at least the Parisians I stayed with this summer) they don't really talk about one grade or another. At most schools, it's really more about when you're going to be done.</p>

<p>"je suis en ninth grade" lol... there's frengalis for you... we get that alot up here in cananda... oh wait, im from south florida... we have spanglish... DOH!</p>

<p>je suis en troisieme.</p>

<p>Je suis en le trosieme peut-etre? Je ne suis pas sur. Vous doivez consultez une dictionaire francais. Ou peut-etre le demandez a votre prof.</p>

<p>Bonne chance</p>

<p>believe me. i am right except for the accent on the first e (there should be one but cant do it on my computer)</p>

<p>yes, surfed_pipeline is right</p>

<p>Shouldn't it be doivez consulter?
But yeah, I was wondering the same thing the other day too.</p>

<p>Actually, it's "vous deviez".</p>

<p>Sorry. My class was doing subjunctive and I'm still in that mode, sort of.</p>

<p>Deviez is subjunctive... doivez does not exist.</p>

<p>thank you!!</p>

<p>no problem :)</p>