A kid on cc

<p>I don't know what mesage board section this should be in, but I decided to make the thread in this section. I recently met a kid on cc who was all happy because he was applying to columbia with a 1520. Well, I just talked to him online and he was angry that he got deferred (aka rejected in a way). When I tried to "comfort" him by saying that ivy apps. are all a big chance game, he became angry and started to make fun of columbia as a whole, saying he would reject them if he was offered admission purely out of spite. He then went on to say that he wouldn't care if another plane crashed in nyc. He blocked once I began to rage at him for being just plain ignorant and so angry at something like college that he would actually not care about random people dying. I guess I wrote this in the high school thread because some kids at my high school are like this. They don't care about what they want to do with their life, they just care about college. I'm not all that surprised that Columbia rejected a kid who made a stupid comment like that. UGH, well just thought I'd vent my frustration. Any comments or similar stories!?</p>

<p>Just remember that college rejections, deferrments, whatever, can be embarrassing, disappointing, frustrating, a kind of kick in the stomach...and people get mad at others can they can't really get mad at the school...</p>

<p>why argue with someone, why not let them be mad for a little bit, what;s wrong with saying, well i don't want them if they don't want me, that is something that can keep a person from falling apart</p>

<p>let him vent a bit, sure ivy apps is a crapshoot, but until you get that letter saying no or not yet, does it hit home</p>

<p>what he said about the buildings was dumb, and nyc, we have all said really stupid things when we are hurt and think we will have no future</p>

<p>next time, say, yeah, that stinks they didn't accept you, but, you never know what could happen</p>

<p>maybe show a little compassion</p>

<p>He was probably behaving irregularly. You can't blame him for being angry, and so you can only hold him partially accountable for what he said.</p>