A peculiar Case kindly Review

<p>SAT given on : 3d December 2011 ( First Attempt )
SAT score : 1850
Critical Reading: 550
Maths: 760
Writing: 540 ( Essay-9 )</p>

<p>IELTS : First Attempt: expecting 6.5-7 around or maybe even 7.5 ( 6.5-7 in worst case to be safe )</p>

<p>Resident : India</p>

<p>Status : High School Passout currently enrolled in a Student Exchange program , but planning to apply as a freshman</p>

<p>School Medium : 14 years completed in English Medium with Science
School Scores : 85% + till 9th class ( out of 100 in )
High School :
2007: Class 9th - 87%
2008: Class 10th All India Centralised board AISSC : 84.4 % with Science, English , Social Science , Hindi
2009: Class 11th : Decent Marks
2010: could not appear for exams as got sick in the end
2011: Class 12th , All India Centralised Board AISSCE : 80.2% - English,Maths+Physics+Chemistry+Computers</p>

<p>2011: Enrolled in college and doing social service</p>




<p>1) Remember I will apply as freshman and wont mention the college i am studying with .
2) I dropped an year in high school due to sickness .
3) Applying for September 2012 term pretty early so any benefits ?</p>

<p>Program : Bachelors in Electrical Engineering
Universities Applied to : ( Only Canada )
1) University of British Columbia
2) University of Alberta
3) University of Calgary</p>

<p>Kindly review my Case and tell my chances of admissions to these 3 colleges esp UBC and University of Alberta. </p>

<p>Please mention if i should take more steps to increase my chances except give SAT AGAIN OR IELTS AGAIN . as i dont have time . For safety i am still continuing my current college .</p>

<p>Help :( !!!!!!!!1</p>

<p>Will Anybody care to help ?</p>

<p>Help please !!!!!!!</p>