About the essay

<p>I filled out the Commom Application and wrote an essay about a person who had a significant influence on me. Because I had to explain how I met her and how I had changed, it is way over the limit(750words) It still fits in one page(3/4 of a page) and some education consultants told me that the only reason why colleges have limit is because they do not want pages and pages so 750words will not hurt me. (Other than the number of words, I think it is a really good essay.)</p>

<p>Does anybody know if I would be okay with my essay or should I write another one? If you were accepted to the NYU and submited an essay that was over the limit, please let me know~! Thank you~!</p>

<p>I think you should follow the directions. I think the essay serves as the first test of instruction following in college. EVERYONE wishes they could write more on the essay.</p>

<p>Follow the directions. You should be focusing on how you reacted to what happened, not detailing what happened. 500 words is short, but it's a test of your ability to write clearly and briefly and your ability to communicate effectively.</p>