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<p>If i apply to the University of Pennsylvania's Joint degree program: Jerome Fisher program in Management and Technology, and then I choose to be selected for the single degree from School of Engineering and Applied Sciences if deferred from Jerome Fisher, WOULD IT STILL BE POSSIBLE FOR ME TO TRANSFER FROM SEAS TO WHARTON!?!?!?!?!?</p>

<p>No it is not; you cannot transfer to Jerome Fisher. Admission to joint degree programs is only open to freshman applicants (i am pretty sure, double check to be 100% sure, but I am postive). You can transfer to Wharton, but it is impossible to get in because someone needs to transfer out and it is really competitive. If you do not get into Wharton through freshman admissions, I doubt you will be able to transfer easily.</p>

<p>My question was not answered. I meant to ask, Once I am deferred from Jerome Fisher joint-degree, they still give you the option of declaring your candidacy for School of Engineering and Applied Science as well as for Wharton. My question is: If you get rejected from Jerome Fisher, but they put you in for one of the two single-degree programs, which would give you a better chance of getting in? Seas or Wharton? And if i have a better chance at SEAS with my scores, but i want to go to Wharton, can I transfer from SEAS to Wharton after I get in?</p>

<p>it is likely that going for seas is marginally easier than wharton, simply by the number of applicants and competitiveness of the pool.</p>

<p>it is possible for you to transfer internally into the m+t program if you are accepted to penn and keep an outstanding (~3.9) gpa.</p>

<p>and you should have read elsewhere that it is certainly possible to go from seas to wharton (need a gpa of ~3.7-3.8).</p>

<p>Yes, if you don't get into Fisher you can still be a candidate for either of the schools.</p>



<p>Transfer into Fisher is possible. They have 5 slots reserved for candidates wishing to transfer from SEAS/Wharton. Transfer from any other University is not possible.</p>

<p>You know what you should do? Ask this on the UPenn board. I haven't ever looked at taht one, but some schools have admissions officers on teh board.</p>

<p>Unless they're idiots who dont' asnwer questions like the Columbia boards. Gaah. Then you are perfectly entitled to ask it here.</p>

<p>and yes, al of what I said is completey pointless</p>

<p>being passionate is good, but you really don't need 1,000 exclamation marks to express your passion via the internet :).</p>

<p>i guess i misread that you cant transfer into m+t somewhere. i would guess it is very hard to transfer into wharton and/or m+t because of hte difficult competition. </p>

<p>to the OP, you can say you want be considered either for wharton or SEAS if you get rejected from m+t. but you cannot apply to both. the only way to be enrolled at two different colleges at penn (i am pretty sure) or to apply to two different schools at penn is through these special programs</p>