Academic Honor of a chinese girl as an international applicant

<p>Ninth Grade
First Prize of National English Skills Competition of Junior High Students also ranked No. 1 in my area;
First Prize of National Junior High Students Mathematics Final Contest;
First Prize of Regional Junior High Students Chinese Composition "Society and Us" Contest;
Composition titled" My Father” won Outstanding Award in Junior High Students Composition Contest on Juvenile and Crime, First Prize of Regional;
Semi-Final of National Chemistry Competition of Junior High Students;
Awarded Regional Yipping Mea Merit (only one at school, four in my area);
Tenth Grade
Composition titled” Story of 604"
Won Second Prize of The Fifth National "Teen Writer" Composition Contest;
Honorable Mentioned in The Third National "Yellow river Cup” Creation Game;
Awarded one of 100 "China's Teen Writer" at Great Hall of the People, at Tiananmen Square. Composition also published in one Bestseller of Country and school's publication.</p>

<p>Eleventh Grade
Second Prize of Semi-Final of National Mathematics Contest of High School Student;
Essay titled” Physics Exploration on Roller-skating" won First Prize in School's Technology Article Festival.
Composition titled" Thinking Back to History” won First Prize in School’ Composition Contest on "Celebration on Victory of Anti-Japanese War and Anti-Nazi War";
Composition titled"Lock"reached Semi-Final of Regional Composition Contest of Senior High Students;</p>

<p>i am determinded to apply to Amherst ED,Linfield and Trinity Uni EA.
i dont know whether my academic honor looks ok?</p>

<p>SAT scores? Grades? ECs? Work experience?</p>

<p>Awards make up a very small portion of your application.</p>

<p>i know
i just said DOES MY ACADEMIC HONOR looks ok?
well,gonna take SAT I this Nov.
GPA:4.0 10TH
3.6-3.8 11TH(NOT SURE,not calculated it yet)
EC:SPORTS MEET Participation----Long Jump,RANK 6 ;Lead Ball Shot,Rank 1
Sports Club Member
diretor of schools newspaper branch,regional newspaper journalist
participated in speech contests all my high school years.awarded No.1 several times at school ones',represantative of school debate/speech group to win regional no.1 speech contest,once awarded BEST PUBLIC SPEECH GIVER<br>
Music:China Folk Instrument Playing for 10 years,Academy of Music Certificated,Once Awarded BEST Player on a solo performance
vocal:conductor of chorus group
In Charge of Entertainment Programme of Class and Grade
Host Get-together with Australian Sister School at both 10th and 11th
Thailand,Malaysia and Singapore by myself
Work Experience:Sales girl in a supermaket at summer</p>