Academic Profile

<p>I am a peruvian student, but attending a British School gave me the opportunity to enroll in the IB programme. I am taking the actual IBs in about one week, but I already got my predicted grades from the NOV05/MAY07 mock, taken in exam conditions at school (Just trying to make anyone not familiar with mock/predicted grades system realize what the following are). How does the following compare, in average, to a challenging american high school subject selection:</p>

<p>Class Rank: 2/150
GPA: Not calculated. Based on these scores it should be ~4.1 or so I think.
Math HL: 7
English A2 HL: 7
Spanish A1 SL: 6
Physics HL: 7
Chemistry HL: 7
Geography SL: 7
Theory of Knowledge/Extended Essay: A/B 3</p>

<p>It's worth noting, I guess, that my school has a limit on the amount of HL subjects you can take (three minimum, but four is allowed), and that taking Chem, Physics and Math is basically the toughest possible combination. The maximum possible grade in the Diploma is 45, and I'm being predicted a 43/44. I am looking into an Engineering degree at an Ivy or something.</p>

<p>I am taking the SATs and SATIIs in December and January respectively (I wish I had signed up earlier in order to take them more than once, but the SAT school counselor basically completely forgot, and in midst of the whole pressure of the exams and everything, I didn't do the research I should've). I am taking Math II, Chem and Physics SATII, and already practiced with a few questions. Math II is somewhat easier than IB Math, so it should be alright, and Chem and Physics are just about on par (less depth, slightly more breadth). On the regular SAT Math Reasoning should be a cinch and the essay should be alright as well. I can't say the same for the vocabulary questions though, English not being my main language and all.</p>

<p>That was longer than I expected... damn. Anyways, strictly academically speaking, does this sound strong/on par with an Ivy candidate application?
My extracurriculars are not weak/inexistent, but being honest I'm banking on my academic strengths and reccommendations.</p>


<p>Well you probably could late register for the coming up Novermber SAT. See if there are any slots available.</p>