Academic Suspension = Depression

Okay so Ive been placed on academic suspension for the current summer term. I really messed up my freshman year of college and now have a very low gpa (1.3) I have become really depressed lately thinking of worse case scenarios that could happen in my future. Even with this low gpa I have always been the type to be in the library studying long hours for assignments. Maybe I chose the wrong teachers or took challenging classes. Idk. My advisor says i can come back in the fall to try to bring my gpa one last time to a 2.0 I told my mom about this and she told me i disgusted her, I really try to succeed but it just seems hard. This is my only venting place to go to. I haven’t told any of my friends because I am too embarrassed. I have registered for all easy classes next semester and aim to get all A’s this fall. Does any one have any advice for me or any words of encouragement for me. Do you think its possible to get my gpa to a 2.0 ???

You can do it :slight_smile: May I ask what univeristy you go to?

Enroll and give it all you have. You can do it!!