Academic Weaknesses

<p>What is your weakest component in your UC application in terms of academic performance??
I took an IGETC class as credit/ no credit. Plus, I am currently taking one of major prerequsite classes, which should have taken during the Fall 2005
How about you?</p>

<p>I'm taking an IGETC class credit/no credit right now; however, it's my first and only. You really think that's a significant weakness?</p>

<p>C in calc my first semester..woof</p>

<p>Hahah, "woof." Remember that from Home Alone? "Buzz's girlfriend! Woof!" When he's going through that trunk and finds the picture? Someone tell me they remember that.</p>

<p>mrmuirc Now that you have aready applied C/NC will make absolutely no difference.</p>

<p>You're what the french call, "Les incompetents!"</p>

<p>^that's in reference to the Home Alone post.....not the actual topic of the thread lol.</p>

<p>BEECHBUM1114 or whatever: Who are you talking to??</p>

<p>MIABELLA what are your stats??</p>

<p>Me... Sorry to jack your post. No more Home Alone talk guys!</p>

<p>2.8 gpa first year with a C in biological psychology.</p>

<p>3 classes a quarter for three quarters.. been living off of AP credit.</p>

<p>i took summer classes at my community college as a middle school/ high school student. when i became a full time student in fall 2004, i started out with something like a 2.7 gpa because of that. & i couldnt get academic renewal (technicalities). what a bummer. i had to work my way from that and explain my situation in my essays.</p>

IGETC done
Major: BFA acting
work 20-30 hours a week
teach dance...yada yada, crazy extra c.</p>

<p>...The C in calc really doesnt do much, but it still bugs me...and it was my first, that semester my GPA was KILLS my total!</p>

<p>none, my application is perfect</p>

<p>Lucky you. What are your stats??</p>

<p>a C in physics I in first semester goddamn</p>

<p>We need more posts..</p>

<p>D grade in Introduction to Logic. It reduced my GPA to a 3.52.</p>

<p>My biggest academic weakness--regarding my applications or life in general--is math. In most classes unrelated to math, I can get an A without really trying. However, when it comes to math, there seems to be this mental wall that no amount of effort can drag me over. It's really, really annoying.</p>

<p>Thanks to that little difficulty, I graduated my CCC with a 3.5 GPA in my transferable courses (had to take remedial algebra classes). Now, even though UCLA and UCB have admit rates of 50% and 44%, respectively, in the philosophy major/division that is home to the philosophy department, it's kind of unlikely that I'll get into either. Hopefully, a strong personal statement will carry the day but I'm not betting on it.</p>

<p>Got a B in a major prep course. I think my essay's were too casual and not formal enough like the ones I've seen here. Not enough EC's, mostly work experiance and 1 volunteer position.</p>