Acceptance chance at a UC or CSU

<p>Hey everyone im going to be applying this coming fall, and im worried that i'm not going to get accepted to any schools. i was wondering with a 3.1 CSU GPA and a 3.3 UC transferable GPA what schools should i apply to or have a chance at? I'm joining the honors program not sure how much that helps. I am either going to apply as business or philosophy, im leaning towards applying to a lot of schools as philosophy because of business being impacted. All of my business transfer requirements are done except for calc 1 and 2, which i will not be able to get done before transfer, and i have taken a few philosophy classes, but most schools have either no major transfer requirements for philosophy or they aren't offered at my school. last question was how many schools should i apply to? i dont want to apply to everyone because the costs add up, but what is a good number? thank you</p>

<p>bump, any info on where i can find gpa related acceptance to the UC as well as CSU system would be great. thank you</p>

<p>apply to UC Merced, Riverside, and Santa Cruz. You're usually accepted to one of them because of your 3.0 minimum gpa(usually ends up as merced, but could be riverside).
The other UC's are out of your reach for sure, unless you have a 2100+ sat and stellar ec's.
As for CSU's, you should be in all except Long Beach, and maybe LA.</p>

<p>As for acceptance rates, you can easily find them on any of the universities' websites or on college board.</p>