Accommodations for the AP exams- help please?!

So I’ll be taking the AP Psychology and AP English Language exams this and next week, and my school never contacted me about special accommodations (they were supposed to). I have SEVERE anxiety, especially when taking important tests, as I feel trapped. I’m not taking the SAT (but I did take the ACT w/ granted accommodations) so I never sent in any kind of accommodation request. My guidance counselor sent in an expedited request yesterday, but it is very unlikely that I will receive any answer as the test is on Monday.

The accommodations that I need would be separate/single testing room and allowance for food/drink, but I can’t have either and I’m a completely anxious mess for the test now. Do you think there is a way I can sneak a drink into the testing location (as it really helps with my anxiety)? Any suggestions? :frowning:

What kind of drink are you talking about?

@1golfer1 Probably just a regular water or seltzer!

@egrace14 Those drinks are allowed during testing. In addition, snacks are allowed to be eaten during scheduled break periods.

It’s not your GC’s job to file for accommodations until you or your parents ask for it. They need to be filed for approximately 8 weeks before the AP tests.

Do you have an IEP? Do you have accommodations for tests at school?

The only possible out you have is if your school would agree to accommodations that do not violate the AP exam rules. If you can’t bring in food or drink, can you have a separate testing area with your own proctor and they can bring in water for you in a cup? No bottled water and no food and drink during testing according to the College Board.

It sounds like you set yourself up for a problem. The other alternative is not to take the tests.

And do you realize that accommodations for the PSAT or SAT would not apply to AP exams anyway? If you do have an IEP, the school needs to get on board.

Any student without an IEP who has significant test-taking issues really needs to take stock. It will be more difficult to get accommodations in college if you don’t have them in high school via an IEP.

It is NOT the school’s job to file for accommodations until you ask for them. As a parent, I did all the research myself for my son who had a 504 plan in high school, and the school filed upon my request, and I helped them when the request was initially rejected, by filing doctor’s paperwork with the College Board.

If your anxiety is truly SEVERE, you will have a doctor who is able to corroborate that, or in essence, you don’t have it. I have issues at work where coworkers say they need this or that accommodation, but when it comes down to it, they don’t have medical backup so it is like they have no accommodation at all.

Good luck, but even with the makeup test dates, you’ll be lucky to get any accommodations.

@rhandco At my school, it is the SSD coordinator’s job to reach out to any students with 504s/IEPs in December to discuss College Board accommodations for testing. I was not reached out to due to the fact that I am not listed for extended time, just for separate location.

I have an extensive 504 at school, I am allowed to take tests in alternate locations with stop-time and I’m allowed to have any kind of drink that I feel I may need.

And no, I didn’t realize that PSAT/SAT accommodations don’t apply to AP exams because they do. As specifically stated on the College Board website, a student that has applied for accommodations for the PSAT or SAT does not have to reapply for accommodations for the AP exams.

I have multiple letters of documentation from various psychologists and psychiatrists stating my exact DSM diagnosis that my school is in possession of.

Please contact SAT to speak to a representative directly about accommodations and, what accommodations are already approved. Yipes stripes!!! These exams are heavily proctored; if fluids are not allowed, then don’t sneak them into the test room. You will be caught and could even be dismissed. How well will you proceed with anxiety and a hidden drink that will feel like it has flashing red lights! You would be far better off taking the exam dry or asking if you can have hard candies or gum. You can have fluids on your break.