ACT 28, can I go to williams ED?

<p>Ok, maybe I should stop dreaming but I'd like to go to williams, and I plan on applying williams ED this fall.</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.78 (23/400)
-IB/APs: 10 IB/APs by graduation, 5 Pre-IBs
*<em>One C in AP Calculus with 2 from Exam (would this kill me..?)
-ACT: 28
-SATIIs: MathIIC:690, Korean:790, Chemistry:710, History:540 (ouch..), and writing: 650
-TOEFL: 273 (CBT) with 6 in writing (highest score)
*</em>Been in US for less than 3 years, was in ESOl class for a year, didn't know how to use speak English (knew very little about writing too)</p>

-Co-founder/V.P/non-muslim representative, Islamic Club
-Meeting coordinator/Founder, OASIS (language diversity club)
-President/Founder, Edison United (students against discrimination)
-Tresurer, Young Democrats
-Co-founder/V.P, SADD</p>

<p>*Initiated County-wide Gang prevention program targeted on ESOL students. Raised funding for making videos.. etc</p>

<p>-Freedom writer/member, Amnesty International (7yrs)
-Volunteer, Kerry/Edward, Jim Moran, Mark Sickle, and Dean campaign (150 hrs +)
-Volunteer, Local Elementary School homework club (200 hrs+)
-Classic Piano/Accompanist, 8yrs</p>

-3rd place in single event, VA state final science olympiad
-Senator-elect/delegate, VA Girls State
-Participant, Fairfax County Youth Leadership Program (only one selected in every school in county)
-Scholarship recipient/student panel, GenderPac Conference/Lobby Day
-Listed in every academic honor roll
-Selected to participate (VA rep.) in GLSEN national jump-start leadership program
-Participant, Y. ST. Training ( training)</p>

-page, local library (10hrs/wk)>>quit
-Intern, District Supervisor's office (45hrs/wk during summer, now 6hrs/wk, non-paid)
-cashier, Borders (20hrs/wk)
-Plan to intern at senate in spring</p>

<p>Korean female
Moved to US 3 years ago
Wants to work for UN or be a politician one day
Plan on majoring in Political Science
And dying to go williams>>dream school!!!</p>

<p>Do I even have a chance?!</p>

<p>you have a relatively low gpa(but good rank), low ACT, and SAT II's(except chem.&korean). for Williams. You have a small chance of getting in ED. sorry to break it to you.</p>

<p>You might consider taking the SAT or applying to a place like Cornell, Emory, or Northwestern, where your shot goes up considerably with ED. Williams worth a shot, but I predict deferral</p>