ACT + SAT, which to send

<p>I have a 690m 700cr 630w pm the new SAT, and a 760v 680m on the old sat</p>

<p>I one act score coming in for dec., and one in oct. which is 30e, 31m, 33r, 24s, Comp.30</p>

<p>Should I even send in my ACT score for that month to colleges that accept SAT? Should I list the ACT score?</p>

<p>Also, for the recent dec. act I took, I already listed private schools that I'm applying to for it to be sent to them, I could add the UCs and CSUs that I'm applying to as well, but I don't know the score yet. If I wait to send to other receipents for this new one until my scores come out, will it delay shipment as opposed to me requesting they add other schools now? I was standby so I don't think I can delete any schools or anything. Thanks.</p>

<p>your old sat score is better than your new one. Your ACT is not as good as your SAT but it wouldn't hurt to send in both. It also depends on what field you are studying. If you are going for science or math, then send in your SAT. Otherwise send in both.</p>

<p>business admin and sometimes econ</p>

<p>do I send both act or what</p>

<p>oh snap my writing is a 10 and englihs.writing 30 so that's beter than the 630 in writing on my sat</p>

<p>Does anyone see any problem with me just shipping both ACTs to all schools along with colelge board stuff?</p>