Activity List: How long is too long?

<p>I'm thinking of submitting an activity list for my commonapp for Ivies but I'm not sure how long it's supposed to be. Right now I have 5 pages, and it's only filled with meaningful activities that I actually care about... Is this much too long? Should I shorten it? I really don't want to bore the admissions officers!! Thanks for your input!</p>

<p>Include activities that are related to your interest. Highlighting those will help define you. Any others are up to you: If you know they will help you, or are interesting activities that make you unique, include them. Otherwise, leave them out.
They would rather see a few activities you are dedicated to, rather than lots of them that you spend only a little time in.

<p>It really is way too long. A resume should be one page, period. The reason your list is that long is probably because you elaborated too much on each activity - don't. Just write 2~4 sentences max per activity, and make every word you write count. They don't want a laundry list of activities; they just want to see who you are. That long of a list is more likely to bring you down than do you good.</p>