Actual Results Thread (with a catch) - SMU, Swarthmore, UT Plan II

<p>I know a lot of juniors are worried, and though I didn't apply to Johns Hopkins, Harvard, or whatever, I did get into a selective program (1 out of 7) at UT, and Swarthmore. Here are my stats to give you some clue :)</p>

<p>The catch is on the bottom of this post, by the way, along with the schools I applied to.</p>

<p>But here's my "chance me" thread from way back, with a few additions for this senior year. I edited my rank and added stars among accomplishments I feel really stood out. By the way - my GPA was on a downward trend, I'm no supergenius. :) GOOD LUCK GUYS! I hope this helps.</p>


<p><strong><em>I live in the Dallas/Fortworth area and go to a wonderful school district (PISD, yay!) with a JROTC in the top 2 percent internationally. I'm also in the IB program.</em></strong></p>

Unweighted GPA: something abysmal...3.5ish possibly Weighted: 4.12
Rank: 89/1498 Percent: Top 7% (I went from rank 12 to 89, so it's not like I was improving. Giving yall some consolation :))
PSAT: 224 Math/79 CR/73 Writing/70, Finalist Standing.
SAT: 2310 Math/760 CR/750 Writing/800
ACT: 34 Math/35 English/34 Reading/34 Science/32</p>

National Honor Society 11-12
JROTC Varsity Air Rifle Badge (shoot 230 out of 300)
1st Place in 2008 Richard of York Regional, Florida Regional, and
Canadian Air Rifle Regional
<strong>Texas Conservatory for Young Artists 2007 (1 in 20 international pianists)</strong>
<strong>Dallas Piano Solo (1st Place 2008)</strong>
Dallas Symphonic (3rd Place 2007)
All-State Piano Solo (1st Place 2006)
JROTC District Leadership Award
Academic Achievement/Excellence Award (highest GPA in grade level and battalion, 4 consecutive years)
<strong>Army Academic Bowl (8th International)</strong>
Letters About Literature (2008 State Finalist)
BBTV Prepared Speech Competition (2006 1st Place, competed against two professional adult speakers.)
UT Southwestern paid internship (this summer)
AP Scholar</p>

JV Air Rifle 9, Varsity 10
Academic Team Commander 11-12
1st Sergeant 10
Company Executive Officer 11
<strong>Battalion Executive Officer 12</strong> (second-in-command of 206 cadets over 3 schools)
Vice President Toastmasters Speech Club 10, President 11</p>

<strong>SMU summer camp TA 11, 12</strong> - this was highly rated nationally.
**The Hockaday School Summer camp English TA 11
Published a handbook to public speaking that will be used by SMU's summer camp</p>

These are not stupendous at all, hahaha.
AP Human Geo - 5
AP English Language - 5
AP World History - 4
AP Spanish (I gave up halfway) - 3
IB SL Physics (never a strong spot) - 4
IB SL Spanish (realized I shouldn't have given up on the AP) - 5</p>

Strong, well-written, with enough creativity to make it stand out. Definitely not a mind-blower, but my teachers really liked it and that was enough for me. :) However, my Plan II statement - and I have no qualms about bragging - was awesome.</p>

Teacher 1 - so incredibly amazing. I adore this teacher. Basically everybody who asked him for recs got into their dream school (or schools they liked, with good scholarships).
Teacher 2 - eh. He likes me a lot but his writing skills were incredibly lacking (didn't realize this at the time)...and.....
<strong><em>HERE'S THE CATCH</em></strong>
Teacher 2 never mailed the recs to any of the schools I applied to, but claimed/pretended he did. So, I had incomplete applications to:
Carnegie Mellon
Southern Methodist University (more known to Texas residents)
Carleton College
Oberlin College
Swarthmore College
Wesleyan College</p>

<p>And complete ones to:
University of Minnesota
University of Texas</p>

<p>I got accepted into Plan II and LAH at UT, the Honors Program at Minnesota, SMU with a 26,000 annual scholarship, and Swarthmore. Oberlin rejected me outright. Carnegie Mellon waitlisted me (actually I never even paid the application fee either. this one is totally on me). Wesleyan and Carleton, oddly, never sent me a reply. But I'll assume I was rejected, haha.</p>

<p>Hope this helps! Any questions, ask me :) Luckily Plan II was always my top choice, so that's where I'll be going this fall. You guys, work hard and party hard, and I wish you lots of luck :)</p>

<p>ohhh and if you have any questions feel totally free to ask. i remember how confusing it was during the process :)</p>

<p>Teacher 2 sounds like a ****** haha, congrats on your acceptance to UT</p>

<p>Yeeeeah haha, guys make sure you have total trust in the teacher's competency, and if anything seems iffy tell them to give the rec letters to the counselor (so you can check legitly if they've done them or not). :)</p>