Additional Information

<p>Where Should I insert Additional Information? On the Photograph Page?</p>

<p>There was all kinds of conflicting info about this earlier this year- some ppl were told they could insert info on the photo page, and some were told the opposite. First I was told to call tech help and tech help told me to call admissions! When I called admissions back they told me to mail additional info separately(and to label with your social security number, I think). I figured I couldn't make a mistake by doing it that way, so that's what I did.</p>

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<p>I want to send my app. Do you think it would be bad if I did send the additional information on the photograph page?</p>

<p>Someone? Please????</p>

<p>You guys are really helpful.</p>

<p>Many of us may not have sent additional info so we wouldn't know where it would go, which would be why we haven't answered. What kind of additional info are you trying to send? Is it something with ECs? I sent a resume with my application that lists my ECs, community service, etc. Maybe you could try that. If it's something like a drawing, I think there's a place for that in the online application. Otherwise, you could try calling the admissions office and asking them. Good luck and sorry about the lack of respone.</p>

<p>I really wasn't trying to be an ass. But thanks. I'm applying online, so should I mail it seperately, or give it to guidance to send with my transcript?</p>

<p>If it's a resume, put your name and SS# at the top and send it from your school with your transcript. That's what I did at least.</p>

<p>Thanks. Case closed.</p>