Admission Decisions Yet for Fall 2021?

when you say “with scholarships first” what do you mean?

my daughter applied and heard quickly about acceptance (less than 2 weeks) - but did not hear anything re: scholarship $.

It depends on when you applied, stats and all. Generally scholarships are released first, but that does not mean that you did not get a scholarship… this is my understanding.

I guess what I am trying to clarify (I didn’t state clearly)…did you hear about scholarship in online portal at same time as admission? or did you hear separately from initial acceptance?


My daughter applied back in September so it might be different the closer you apply to deadline. She heard back quickly about acceptance. Her scholarship letter arrived a month later. Honors notification was done via portal and then letter around the same time as scholarship. The scholarship is still not in her portal, only notification was a letter. So I think it is separate notifications.

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Thank you for your input! And congrats to your daughter!!

Does anyone know if they tend to give out acceptances first, and deferrals and rejections towards the end (I’m speaking abt EA so around now - Jan 31st)

Congrats to those accepted! My S21 was accepted about two weeks ago, but I don’t even see how the honors or scholarships would appear on the portal… In my efforts, I click on the application, then there’s the link for the acceptance letter, and I’m not seeing anything beyond that. Perhaps, for us, that’s it so far?

OK - the answer is $50 nonrefundable and you get to list 6 choices.

When accepted to honors, he’ll receive an email that there is an update to his application and the letter will be in portal. Just like the acceptance.
Scholarship notification has only been by mailed letter. Nothing in portal as of yet.

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My D applied back in September, test optional, nursing. Still waiting for a response. We are OOS.

@jnzcar We are OOS but stats are very similar as yours. Applied to College of EDH (Marketing). Will hear from Purdue tomorrow! Perhaps hear from UMN next week…

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