Adopting a School in Tsunami Region?

<p>My school's interested in adopting a sister school in the tsunami disaster area. I know there was a past post on tsunami fundraising ideas and this was mentioned. However, can anyone tell me how one goes about adopting a sister school? I have been unable to find any official organization on the internet managing such adoptions, yet I have read news articles about high schools who have already done it.</p>



<p>also, what charities do your schools generally donate to?</p>

<p>We're raising money for tsunami relief, but I don't think we're adopting a school. Is that even really possible? </p>

<p>We do pay for the tuition of a bunch of kids in uganda though</p>

<p>our school raised a lotta money over 10k from all the clubs together but i didnt know u can adopt a school...we donated to the red cross</p>