Advice/Chances (UCLA,USC,UCB..etc)

<p>Hey all. I was just wondering if anyone could give me some tips/advice on chances
at UCLA, USC, UCB (UCD, UCI secondary). I know its a bit early for me to ask for
chances, without confirmed SAT scores and AP scores, but I just want to know
if there is anything else I can add on to my student application that will make me
seem like a more prospective student to these amazing schools!</p>

<p>Some stats about me:</p>

<p>Currently a Junior(2nd Sem).
Attending one of the top 100 US schools. (Limited AP's offered)
SAT: January 2012 (Expecting 2200-2300)
ACT: Yet to take in February
SAT II - Math2, Bio E, World History
AP's - APCS, Bio, World History
Interested in : Computer Science/Biology/Film (Not sure yet, but hence why these colleges
are some of the better options =D)
Race: Asian
Parents attended college
CA Local</p>

<p>When I first entered high school, I never really took anything seriously,
and never realized the magnitude of HS until much later. I also played a lot
of video games (WoW .... yea...addicted) throughout my Freshman and
Sophomore years. </p>



<p>Art1 A/A
Biology B/B
Geometry A/A
Lit/Writ A/A
Principles of Business A/A
Spanish1 A/A</p>

<p>UW & W - 3.67 (Excluding PE)</p>

<p>Sophomore (Got worse as addiction increases)</p>

<p>Alg2/Trig B/B
Chemistry H B/B
PE Wt Training A/A
Spanish2 B/A
World History A/A
World Lit B/B</p>

<p>UW-3.3 W-3.5 (Excluding PE)</p>


<p>Things improved for the better as I quit playing video games.
Things opened up for me, and I got more serious. </p>

<p>Junior(Shooting for 2nd Sem Straight A's)</p>

<p>APCS A/~
Spanish3 A/~
US History A/~
Biology AP A/~
Am Lit A/~
PreCalc H A/~</p>

<p>Self-Studying AP World History!</p>

<p>UW- 4.0/~ W-4.5/~</p>

<p>Community Colleges Classes I am taking/thinking of taking</p>

<p>Intro to UNIX/LINUX (Computer Science)
C++ (Computer Science)
Something Bio Related</p>

<p>Senior Classes(Shooting for Straight A's)</p>

<p>AP Calc BC
AP Gov/Econ
Physics Honors/Chem AP
Photography 1
Contemporary Lit
Spanish 4 H</p>

<p>Predicted Overall GPA (Till End of Junior)
UCLA/UCB (Uncapped Weighted) - 4.16
Regular UW - 3.72
Privates UW - 3.74</p>


<p>6 Years Club Swimming
Active in School Service Club
FBLA - DVP (Digital Video Production)
Summer Video Editing Jobs
Looking into 2012 Summer Internships (CS,Bio)
Tutor High School Kids in Math/Science
Volunteer at Local Hospital (Patient Services)
Play Guitar
Classes at Academy of Art (MAYA (3D Modeler))</p>

I understand I don't have any club officer positions, (partly due to my lack of interest in
Freshman and Sophomore years). So I was also wondering how I could strengthen that
section of the application, and other sections as well. The personal statement will
be excellent, as I will put a lot of time and effort into it.</p>

<p>Any advice would help and looking forward towards college!</p>


<p>I am just realizing how addicting video games can be! I loved to play Call of Duty over at my friends house, and, recently, I just bought myself an X-Box. It was right before midterms, too! Haha I am lucky I studied before I bought it...because I did a lot of playing the weekend before the tests...haha</p>

<pre><code> That's good that you have gotten over them. I am working on finding a healthy playing balance. You have my empathy, and good luck in admissions!

<p>Thanks! I still play games like COD and BF3 occasionally, like after some huge tests, and during breaks... but nothing like the daily habit before. Great fun at its limit =).</p>


<p>Bump once more perhaps??</p>