Advice for getting into a good Film School

<p>Writing on behalf of my daughter who is going into her Junior year of High School. She took digital photography last year, and will be taking a digital film class this coming year. My father and grandfather were cinematographers, and she has a real desire to follow in their footsteps. </p>

<p>So my question for you film students out there, is what would you advise her to do now in order to get into a good film school. Should she start as a film major first year in college, or as some other major? We are looking at some of the summer camps (probably for the summer in between her Jr. and Sr. year) and let her use our video camera, but other than this, what can we do to help her to have the best chance at a good school. I know there are alot of kids trying to get into this, but not many accepted.</p>

<p>Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!</p>